You can’t buy peace

Wednesday night, Abigail (Pumpkin Pie’s mama) came home!  I wish I had pictures of Pumpkin Pie’s jump-about-celebration.  Too much was going on at that time, though.  I snapped this picture early Thursday morning.  Pie is in the foreground.  Although she looks as big as Abigail in this picture, she really isn’t.  That pre-dawn sky was worth getting outside to experience.  There is incredible calm and peacefulness in the early morn.


Then, the peacefulness broke, as we were taking the first hog to the meat processing plant.  Pig-farmer had him loaded before 6 a.m. and away we went with our coffee in travel mugs.

DSC_0056I am thankful, so thankful, my schedule allows me the flexibility to ride along on for these excursions.  Not only did Pig-farmer and I have a nice time to talk with no interruptions, I also got to watch the sun rise amidst the foggy morning.


The following beautiful Amish-country snapshot was taken as I sat in the parking at the processing plant.

Arthur_IllinoisI may not have much money, but I have peace in my soul, which is worth more than I could put a dollar value on.

Peace to you, friends.

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Tuesday Newsday


 Good morning!

So much I want to do outside!  So much I need to do outside!

Yesterday’s rain had other plans.

I photographed a lovely sunrise Sunday morning:


Did I tell you what a wonderful caretaker of the gourds Happy was?

Abigail and Pumpkin Pie provided much of the fertilizer for the gourds that came up volunteer.  Then, Happy carefully walked around them all summer.  Good thing, as the gourds I actually planted didn’t do so well.


I will work on fall decorating (and cleaning …) until the grass dries and I can get mowing.

Bring on the SUN!


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My Friday Staycation


I almost tagged along with Pig-farmer this week on his business trip.


Then, I really looked at the meetings & traveling agenda and said, “Yuck.”

So this morning, after chores of course, I declared it a “Staycation” day.

I made some Pillsbury Key Lime cupcakes as they sounded tropical-ish.

Plus, I had the box conveniently in my pantry.


Our cool, fall morning begged for apple cider with Aspen Mulling Spices.


Now, I plan to do some brainstorming of sorts and reading.

Right there in that cozy chair tucked into our dining room corner.


Also, since it is Photo Friday and to get you in the mood for fall, pumpkin harvest has begun!  Love it!


This isn’t all of them; just a start.  Although I didn’t have as big a plot as last year.


The ornamental corn is still not ready. I hope it is soon!


For today, friends, I hope you have a cupcake, or apple cider, or both!

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Gimpy Goat

A goat got me in trouble.

Do you remember that, technically, I probably should have sold the two wethers (castrated males) I purchased last year as an experiment to see if I even liked goats?  That was Pig-farmer’s plan, anyway.

Then, when someone decided to buy the two young males that were born in February, Pig-farmer relented and said I could keep them as long as the pasture held up.  Well, lo and behold, the pasture has been lush and green A-L-L summer.

Here we are in our second week of September and we have avoided that long drive to the sale barn.

One day I noticed a limping, gimpy goat.  Still happy.  Still eating.  Just limping.  It was one of my boys.  Uh-oh, I said.  Let’s hope you get better …. on your own.  I looked his foot over and didn’t see anything bleeding or an obvious injury.  Even a gimpy goat is surprisingly agile though and I didn’t get a great look.

Next day?  No improvement.  Maybe even worse.  Sigh.  I told Pig-farmer that “we” had a problem.  He held the goat, while I did a thorough inspection and found the puncture wound.  Drat, drat, drat.

I got “the look.”  First from Pig-farmer.  The one that said, “Now we have a vet bill for a goat that should have been sold already.”  Then, from Tim the goat.  The one that said, “I don’t want to go to the doctor’s …”


Then, his injury betrayed him and made him revert to his tripod-stance:


Away we went.  He had an abscess that needed opened and an antibiotic shot.

Plus, I needed to keep him out of mud and dirt for a few days … and soak his sore foot in Epsom Salts.


Ever soak a goat’s foot in Epsom Salts?  I had treated his twin’s injuries from 16 months ago similarly.  However, that was also probably 120 pounds ago, too.  The goat.  Not me.

The trailer became my “sick pen” because Pig-farmer and his pigs have taken over my former sick pen.  I decided soaking a toddler’s foot would be easier.  With a toddler, you just have to say, “Whatever you do, do NOT stick your foot in this bucket” and WHAM-O, they will find a way to sit in the bucket, foot and all.  Not so a goat.

After a couple of spills and curses, we developed our routine.  I think he even looked forward to it.


Of course, he might have been looking forward to the sugar-laced cereal I fed him to get him to hold still long enough for me to place his foot in the bucket and keep him there for a nice soak.


Tonight, he skipped behind me back to the pasture,  all four feet working well.

I think his happy little face is worth a little ol’ vet bill.

Don’t you?

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So glad I was running late.

Started mowing.

Came in to make a spaghetti supper.

Washed dishes.

Jump-started the 4-wheeler so Pig-farmer could load it in the truck.

I have to take it to the shop tomorrow.

Finished mowing.

Had to soak the gimpy goat’s foot in Epsom Salts (more on that tomorrow).

Fed the barn cats.




I stopped to gawk.

love a gorgeous moon.

love being outside on my little farm for the Harvest Moon.


Sigh…… life has moments that take my breath away.

Moments that make me know that God is alive and well and at work.


I am content here at Happy Ass farm.

I hope you are content, too.

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Muddy Me

One morning this week, when Pig-farmer was home to do chores, I slipped away for walk. Illinois_morningThe dew was so heavy! It made me think of icy crystals of frost … but hopefully that isn’t for several more weeks.


The crickets in the cornfield were my soundtrack.


 I cherish these moments of peace and beauty when all is right in my world.  Because I know it ain’t gonna last.  Why might that be?  Because Pig-farmer travels.  And it rained a lot.  And we have pigs.  Their pen was already muddy.  And might I just add that the pigs are B-I-G?  And that they LUV the mud?


Now, don’t go calling PETA.  That pig was happy as a dog getting a belly-scratch.  He chose that cool, muddy haven to wallow in.  He had options.  Like the barn where the rest of his co-horts were hanging out.  Some were hanging half-in, half-out.  Again, their choice.


What I hate don’t particularly care for is getting in with them to feed them.  You know how mice only need a hole the size of a dime, or so, to enter your home?  Well, a 200+ pound pig only has to get that strong snout pointed in the direction it smells food.  It will then move whatever cute thang is bent over the feeder attempting to clean out any old feed &/or mud clumps.  No ‘scuse me ma’am or polite tap on the shoulder.  Just 200+ pounds of hog steam-rolling its way to the feeder via the space between my two legs!  Then, they take that big, strong head and shake the mud away. Ears flapping like a wet dog and flinging mud like little spit wads in a junior high classroom. This is why I wear shorts doing chores. I hose myself off before I come into the house.

Happy animals.  Happy Pig-farmer.  Muddy me.

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I’m not making a to-do list.

I am behind with blogging.  And cleaning.  And laundry.  And exercising.  And about anything else I could put on my to-do list, if I were making a to-do list.

I don’t really care.  I’m not making a to-do list.  I’m busy living life.

Except about the blogging.  I do care about the blogging.

I also care about living a life where I find a way to enjoy something about each day.  Doing something each day that maybe I couldn’t find time or energy to do when I was working full-time.

Last week I got to have a couple of really nice lunches.  Slower lunches, where I didn’t have to hurry away.  I thought you would understand.

Oh and the roofing crew arrived and rattled the house doing horribly hard, hot work. I tried to stay in the house as much as possible so I wasn’t in their way.

Then, we were smack-dab into the weekend.  All four kids and the granddaughter were in and out at one time or another.

Now, boom!  It is Tuesday afternoon, but it keeps feeling like Monday, but at least it’s not.

It probably feels like Monday, not only because of Labor Day being yesterday, but because I had to go to the dentist to have my crown cleaned and re-sealed.  I thought they said my crown needed a diamond, so that’s what I told Pig-Farmer.  Turned out, that wasn’t in the plan.  But, it might seem like it in the bill.

I caught these suspicious-acting characters in the barn last week.  What do you think they were discussing?









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