Oatmeal Squares

Every  now and then I like to share a recipe with you.  This recipe came to me via a friend.  I think her daughter found it on Pinterest, but I’m not sure, so I can’t give proper credit.  It is a somewhat-healthy recipe, even!  Few ingredients and easy.  My faves.


1/2 cup honey

1 cup peanut butter

3 cups old-fashioned oats

dark chocolate chips

Microwave honey and peanut butter, stir until smooth.  (I stirred at 30 seconds, then added a few more seconds.)  Stir in oats.  Press in 8″ or 9″ dish.  I melted about 3/4 cup dark chocolate chips and spread over the top. Refrigerate to set.

I’m not paid (darn it) for product endorsement, but I took a picture to show you the products I used.  (Don’t you love that coffee mug a friend got me!?)DSC_0905

Oatmeal_SquaresPerfect as breakfast, snack, or dessert … and with a cup of coffee!

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Miracle of miracles

I didn’t have my camera outside with me very much last week; but I did catch an unusual and pretty sunrise.


Saturday was a day for pig-work.  The kind of pig-work that made me dread heading out the door.  First, Pig-farmer and I moved the market/fat hogs from the north barn to the east barn.  Then, we moved Mama Bernice from her farrowing pen to the north barn.  We also brought Bert, the boar, to the east barn and loaded the market hogs onto the trailer.

With livestock, you often only get one chance to get a task done.  If it doesn’t go well the first time, the animals know you are up to something and will do their best to foil your plans.  Tempers seem to be on edge before anything even happens.  Slow and steady often wins the race, but sometimes you have to act quickly without a moment’s hesitation.

Miracle of miracles, all the pig moving went well.  Pig-farmer and I didn’t even yell – at each other or the pigs.  We were still speaking to each other at lunch.  We decided to not push our luck and castrate the male pigs that day.  They didn’t seem to mind.


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Too Busy? Sharing with Mt. Pleasant Church of God

On 03.18.15 by

Funny (peculiar, not ha-ha) how this post came together. Bits and pieces, here and there, over the past several weeks. However, it is probably not random coincidence.

It started with a question that was posed to Pastor Scott about seeking a sign from God. Pastor Scott’s advice was that when praying for a sign from God, do not muddy the waters. My take on that, though not as clear as the muddy water analogy (his analogy was clearer than mud!), was my faithful stand-by, “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. If you’ve ever been in a puddle, creek, pond, etc., the water can look very clear until you start splashing around in it. How often are our efforts like futile splashing when all is needed is to be still and let God do the work?

Later, I read a Daily Hope devotional by Rick Warren in which he said, “… hurry is the death of prayer. The reason why you don’t hear God is because you’re in too much of a hurry. ‘God, I want to hear from you. But hurry up! I’ve got to make it to my next appointment.’”

Then, during a conversation with a friend, the topic of busy-ness and burning the candle at both ends was brought up. How many times, in answer to the question, ‘How are you?’ is the answer “Busy!”? How many times do you reply you are ‘too busy’ in response to a person’s request for help? How can we “Be still…” if we are too busy? How can we hear God if we are too busy?

Picture this scenario: The Do-Good Club (or insert any organization name here) needs to schedule their next meeting. Everyone consults their calendars/phones/planners. There are business conflicts, other organizations’ meetings, children’s activities, etc. Finally, there is one night free in the next month for most of the group. That’s it! Book it! Write it down. It’s an important (!!) meeting. Be here! Now, you just booked the one night you had free that week to potentially have a relaxing meal with your family, take a walk with your spouse or friend, quietly read a book, finish that procrastinated chore or project, or spend time being still. How many times is it your family/friends/God that you tell you are “too busy?”

I suggest you mark a night on your calendar with a big X to remind you that being less busy is good. Let it be the start of something new; something good.


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Photo Friday – March 13, 2015






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Photo Friday – March 6, 2015









For today friends, I hope you get satis-traction!

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Preparing to kid. Not joking.

It’s time to be thinking about kidding.  Goat-kidding.  Birthing.

Jethro, the buck, came to visit November 3 thru February 1.  Gertie was in heat November 3.  If she conceived then, she is due around the first of April.  Goats’ gestation is approximately 150 days.  Gabby and Posey … I have no idea when/if.  Gabby looks expectant.  GoatsPosey isn’t saying. GoatsPosey Goats don’t like to be alone.  They like to have a buddy.  Ideally, I will be able to pen the expectant mother up prior to kidding.  This way, if she has problems, it is easier to assist.  Additionally, if the weather is cold, rainy, windy, etc. I can have a heat lamp on for the kid(s) to stay warm under.  The problem with three goats is that if I pen two together or near each other, the third one is left alone.  I guess I need a fourth … ;) This morning I started evaluating the grain bin that sits in the goat lot.  GoatsKidsite Goats3GoatsWaitMaybe we could make a couple of kidding pens in it.  The goats would still be in their familiar lot, with the smaller and draftier shed still available for those not birthing. GoatsWhatcha I have a very long, heavy-duty extension cord that I think would make it possible.  Rigging it so the goats can’t get to it will be the challenge. GoatsMoon

 She looks like she is daring me to try!

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Pigs and Illinois weather update

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Since my last post, we’ve had more snow: Plus fog and freezing rain.  Notice how the icicles hanging from my front porch frame the top of the picture.  The little mounds in the snow were last year’s pumpkin hills. Then, … Continue reading

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