Life is full of so many interesting pursuits! How does one have time to pursue them all?
Feb7No24Satisfy our curiosity about the world around us?Feb7BubblesSnowmenHow do we know in which direction we should put our focus?Feb7Happy

Almost every single day, when my feet hit the floor, well, okay, when the coffee kicks in, I have more ideas pop in my mind that I want to do, experience, learn, try than my energy and obligations allow. Sometimes, this feels like a problem I need to ponder and solve.Feb7Bubbles

What is the answer?Feb7Calves

How do you find time for obligations and your interests?Feb7Jethro

Your work, fun, responsibilities, hobbies without howling about being stressed?  Feb7BubblesSneeze

Is everyone stressed about something? It’s almost like we aren’t working hard enough if we aren’t stressed.  Stress should not be a status symbol.Feb7SmilingJethro

Life should be a lot more about what and who we love and a lot less of being in an I’m-more-stressed-than-you competition.Feb7Dusk

Today, I hope you do something you love.

Tomorrow, I hope you do not feel stressed about what you didn’t get done today.

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Letting Nature do her thing.

Winter is not my favorite season. However, 22FrostyMorning

I can truly appreciate the beautiful moments, when I open up to them.22 Field Opening

Winter will flow on and give way to spring.22_Kaskaskia_River

Now, is the time to rest and wait.

Letting nature do her thing. 23CardinalIcicle

Not letting winter ruffle our feathers.  Much.


Just observing the beauty outside the front porch.23Shadow1st

Laughing as the cardinal contemplates his shadow!23Shadow

Going for a drive and getting excited about spotting a herd of deer.23rdWhiteTailedDeer

Being thankful Illinois missed Winter Storm Jonas, the East Coast Blizzard.23CardinalFlying

I hope your week starts well!




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A January Saturday

Some days the clouds in your thoughts seem to lift.16JanMorn

Other days, it seems the best activity is to find a nice blankie, hide your face, and take a nap.16JanBubblesNap

Then, you’ll feel like eating, of course, upon awaking.  At least I always do.16JanCalves

I always feed the goats first. Pig-Farmer does not. And this is what Gertie thinks of that!16JanGertieTongue


Which is exactly why I always feed the goats first. Otherwise, you have to listen to them carry on like they are dying the entire time chores are being done.

George didn’t seem to mind being fed first while Gertie yelled. No, not at all. In fact, he seemed rather amused.16JanGeoLaughsI hope you had nice winter nap today or at least got to eat first.  Happy weekend to you!






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Photo Friday

The first walk of many, I hope, in 2016.
Jan2 Timber

Crisp air for fresh thoughts?Jan2 Ice

Onward, downward, to the river.Jan2DownToTheRiver

Let the power and might of the river remind us – we aren’t in charge.Jan2KasRiver


Have you heard the saying, “Cardinals appear when angels are near”?  Jan2 Cardinal

May you walk among angels.


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Barnyard Walk

Finally!  A day without rushing, clouds and rain.  A day to walk around the barnyards with you.  My in-laws bought two feeder calves to put in with our little George. Taking pics of black calves in the dark results in their eyes reflecting the flash like little extraterrestrial orbs.Black calves

A little like trying to photograph sheep in a blizzard, I suppose.

Yesterday, I caught them posing for you, while the sun was shining.SteaksnRoasts

Cute, but not cute-as-George.  George even photographs well in the dark:George

Jethro is also visiting.  Let’s hope for mid-to-late-May kids!Jethro1

He took a bow so you could admire his horns, too:Jethro2

Of course, Happy is never far from the action.  Notice the old barn in the background? It has really taken a beating this winter. Watching it fall, board by board, is so sad. I would love to see a picture of it in its glory days!Jan2 Happy

Thought for the day: the barn isn’t falling apart all at once. The de-construction is a result of neglect and absence of maintenance.  Lots to learn from that observation.




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New Year, New Me?

The other day Pig-farmer asked me if I had made my resolutions.  At that time, I was delighting in post-Christmas quiet while pouring myself a mug of coffee.  I gave him my very best, scariest, don’t-mess-with-me look.  BubblesWhat the heck? I mean, I was still walking around the house getting pieces of wrapping paper and tape stuck to my socks. The baskets of laundry the boys brought home with them were still over-flowing and trying to co-mingle with the new Christmas items despite my efforts to beat them back. But, he had planted a seed.  Made me think about what I should be doing to correct my wild and woolly ways.

I do like the thought of a crisp, new year with crisp, new calendar pages. Turning over a new leaf. Fresh starts. So, of course, I plan to lose weight, exercise, eat healthily, drink more water, save money, organize my house, and keep it spotless.  At least for a day or two in 2016.  But none of those will happen on the same day.  I promise.  Now, how’s that for refreshing honesty?

I see value in considering the future and goal-setting over drifting along. However, my life rarely tends to follow any plans or even drift. It often gets the steering wheel stuck a little shy of centered with the throttle wide open. I just hang on and roll with where I land, looking for something to enjoy.

That said, I plan to enjoy 2016.  Care to join me?

Thank you to all my JustMaketheCoffee readers!  I haven’t given up blogging. Just took a needed reprieve.  I raise my coffee mug to you and 2016.

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Photo Friday ~ December 4, 2015

I am pathetically out of whack.  Discombobulated.  Unorganized.

Otherwise, life is good.  Hope yours is, too.

12_4 PF Sweet Smell

Stay vigilant – 12_4 PF Hap

Be alert –12_4 Vigilant_HappyOr, be adorable and go back to eating!12_4 PF Fuzzy Face Happy


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