Mystery Solved

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”

Sherlock Holmes Quote

-The Hound of the Baskervilles

It had been bothering me.

I knew this picture of Gabby reminded me of someone.


Finally, I thought of who it is:


No wonder Gabby makes me laugh!!

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Staring contest

Ever get that feeling you are being watched?

Tom Kitty watches me in the kitchen … a lot.

So, I’m used to that.

However, I felt more eyes.


Lots and lots more eyes.

Creepy, heebie-jeebie eyes.


Geesh.  I almost feel violated.

That cicada won the staring contest.

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Dance of the butterflies!

I planted a row of zinnias and marigolds along the edge of the pumpkin patch.  It has become the happening place to be (if you are a bee or butterfly).


 I have not been able to get wonderfully, magnificent photos.  They flurry and flitter around like friendly whirlwinds.


They make me laugh as I walk about in my red chore boots & shorts, camera in hand.  Which may make the people driving by on the road laugh, too?  In which case, I have done a good deed.  Right?


Or are these actually moths?

Either way, they do not seem to mind the 104 degree heat index we are currently experiencing!  (And I need to mow.)


The Monarchs and Swallowtails will only dance with me when I do not have the camera.

For today friends, I hope you dance with a butterfly (moth?).

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Just (trying to) Make the Coffee

Our old Mr. Coffee coffeemaker was breathing its last breath.  The digital display would sometimes fade away to black.  Then, the clock would reset to 12:00 and blink sadly.  Sadly, because when that happened, it meant the auto-brew feature was turned off.  

We like our coffee, Pig-farmer and I.  It isn’t good when we stumble into the kitchen and find the coffee pot blinking 12:00.  It makes us say words we shouldn’t say.  At a time in the morning we shouldn’t be up anyway.

I have been known to “cheat” and make a quick Keurig cup to hold me over until the malfunctioning pot gets its rear in gear.

Then, my Keurig quit this week.  Halfway through a pod, my only pod, of raspberry-chocolate-truffle coffee.  My normally-cheery self stood in front of the Keurig and cried, “HEY!!! It’s only 1/2 full.  You can’t quit!”  I jiggled and wiggled (the Keurig, not me; well mostly). Slammed and re-slammed the lids.  Pressed buttons.  Nope, nada, zip.  

Pig-farmer and I decided to order a new coffeemaker.  He doesn’t like the Keurig coffee, so he doesn’t care that it quit.  He wanted to be sure he reliably had a pot of auto-brewed coffee waiting on him at 5:00 a.m.  I would have been happy with another Mr. Coffee.  He wanted to go fancier. 

Meet Mr. Cuisinart:



The first night, I read the directions for timed, auto-brew, set the clocks, crossed my fingers, said a prayer, danced a coffee dance and puttered off to bed.  The next morning, SUCCESS!  Happiness!  Joy!  The stainless steel carafe keeps the coffee nice and warm for the whole morning!  No microwaving.  Okay, I relented, Pig-farmer had a good idea.  

The next evening, Pig-farmer was travelling to Iowa and I couldn’t find the instruction book, but I did everything the way I thought I was supposed to.  The next morning, a cold, empty coffeemaker greeted me. Taunted me. I gasped!  Groaned.  Moaned.  Pushed the little, red ON button and muttered and puttered my way off to distraction for a few minutes while the dang contraption brewed my coffee.  When I returned …. still NO COFFEE!  “Pig-farmer and his new-fangled contraption,” I muttered!

I still couldn’t find the instruction book, so I went back to the old drawing board and checked the obvious components.  Obvious like …. adding water to the reservoir.  Oh.  Well.  Yes.  There is that little detail.  A key ingredient to making the coffee would be water.

Moral of the story:  No matter how complicated life may seem, the basics must be completed first.  Get the basics right and the rest should fall into place.  Right into your coffee cup.

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Photo Friday

Gabby was working on a trick this morning.  Which is better than the one she mastered on Sunday.  Sunday, our little Houdini found an escape route out of the pasture.  She led the others astray.  Pig-farmer had to thwart that trick with some handy-dandy fencing panels.




22SaveSome 22Spa

 For today friends, splurge a little!

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How things change

For my oldest son, who is now student-teaching.


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Visiting make our hearts smile

This week,

I spied a beautiful sunrise.


and some dark clouds that I thought might bring rain, but didn’t.

DonkeyWe also had visitors.

Family and friends.

A friend has brought her grandchildren out for individual visits to the animals this summer.  We love it.  The animals soak up the extra attention (and treats).

Plus, Pig-farmer’s daughter and granddaughter visited!

I never know what I am to be called.  Hopefully, Miss Cutie Pie will have a name for me all her own.  Maybe I’ll be Granny Goat?  or Goat Granny?



DSC_1197 DSC_1199

She loves cows.  Maybe I could be MOO-Maw!?

This week, I also weed-eated until my arm muscles cramped up.

There was lunch at the Sale Barn with my Mom, sis, son and Pig-farmer.

I trimmed a few bushes for my mom-in-law; but we spent longer sitting and visiting on the porch.  We have our priorities straight.

On my way home, I saw a friend working along the road, combating weeds. I pulled over and had a nice chat.  Sorry for interfering with your work.  I guess I should have assisted with the the weed removal?

This week, I also watched the flowers, bees and butterflies.

DSC_1179 DSC_1226 DSC_1228 DSC_1230

I also had a scandalous night.

Oh now, let me explain.

My sister has gotten me hooked on the tv show, Scandal.  We have been watching past episodes so I am all caught up when the new season starts in September.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  Usually I read, but my two shows are Downton Abbey and now, Scandal.

It doesn’t come on until 9:00 PM.

I will have to Just Make the Coffee.  ;)

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