How things change

For my oldest son, who is now student-teaching.


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Visiting make our hearts smile

This week,

I spied a beautiful sunrise.


and some dark clouds that I thought might bring rain, but didn’t.

DonkeyWe also had visitors.

Family and friends.

A friend has brought her grandchildren out for individual visits to the animals this summer.  We love it.  The animals soak up the extra attention (and treats).

Plus, Pig-farmer’s daughter and granddaughter visited!

I never know what I am to be called.  Hopefully, Miss Cutie Pie will have a name for me all her own.  Maybe I’ll be Granny Goat?  or Goat Granny?



DSC_1197 DSC_1199

She loves cows.  Maybe I could be MOO-Maw!?

This week, I also weed-eated until my arm muscles cramped up.

There was lunch at the Sale Barn with my Mom, sis, son and Pig-farmer.

I trimmed a few bushes for my mom-in-law; but we spent longer sitting and visiting on the porch.  We have our priorities straight.

On my way home, I saw a friend working along the road, combating weeds. I pulled over and had a nice chat.  Sorry for interfering with your work.  I guess I should have assisted with the the weed removal?

This week, I also watched the flowers, bees and butterflies.

DSC_1179 DSC_1226 DSC_1228 DSC_1230

I also had a scandalous night.

Oh now, let me explain.

My sister has gotten me hooked on the tv show, Scandal.  We have been watching past episodes so I am all caught up when the new season starts in September.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  Usually I read, but my two shows are Downton Abbey and now, Scandal.

It doesn’t come on until 9:00 PM.

I will have to Just Make the Coffee.  ;)

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A little Pumpkin Pie

She is rather spoiled.  She moos in the morning for her feed in her barn.

Then, she sashays over to the pigs to watch me do those chores.  If, like this morning, I am not watching closely, she will snatch a mouthful of their feed out of the bucket before I get it into their feeder in their pen.  She will even double-dip!

She chases the goats out of their pen when she is ready to rest in the bin.

DSC_1114 DSC_1116



Pig-farmer and I took her to the veterinarian’s for her vaccines and dewormer.  We will have to take her back for boosters.

The red tags in her ears are fly-control.  Flies on the face can spread pink-eye.  Pink-eye, untreated, can cause blindness.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

She weighs 640 pounds!  I guessed 500+, but not that much +!

Her mama, Abigail, is still happily at the breeder’s farm.  She is running with his herd until he gets time to sort the cows.  Hopefully, she will be on schedule to have a March 2015 calf.

I love it when Pie wanders to the west pasture in the evening.  I can watch her from my kitchen window or the back deck.


And she can keep an eye on me.  ;)


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An ugly visitor

When a buzzard visits your yard,


first make sure you are still breathing (and maybe get moving a little faster!).


Then, you might want to check if you need a shower??


Or … skip those and

make Pig-farmer dispose of the road-kill raccoon that ended up in the yard.


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Photo Friday


Aug8SweetCorn Aug8Dentist


For today friends:


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It’s August!

 Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  Where has summer gone?

Sunflower  It’s August!!  

Does that answer those questions for anyone else?  Does August always hold a feeling of a bit of panic, even when you are no longer a kid?  Even when your kids are older and not heading off on the big yellow school bus for their first time?  What about now, when my oldest is going to be the student-teacher instead of the student?  Or when my youngest is starting his 2nd year of college, which (hopefully) isn’t as traumatic as sending him out of the house for his first year of college.

It makes me a little frazzled!


It is August!

We also have two daughters that do not live with us; one has finished up her first semester of grad school and we are hoping she has time to visit before the next semester starts.  The other daughter and granddaughter we haven’t seen nearly enough.  Her summer classes and work and wisdom-teeth removal … and now, it’s August!


Wait a minute!  What about all those plans I had for summer?  All those wonderful activities I wanted to do in the glory of early mornings and late evenings?  What about a little weekend getaway?



And now, it is August!


 Well, the frost isn’t on the pumpkin, but we know it will be ~ sooner than later.


 It’s August!  Enjoy the sweet corn (and life).  Share the joy with others.


Polled_Hereford Boer_Goats

My house is neglected.  Dusty.  It’s August!  If you care, shut your eyes or dust it yourself!  Hahahahahaha

I have boys men that live here.  I am delusional.  But if they write in the dust, it’s going to be WAR!

I have sights to ENJOY.

More rewarding work to DO.


It’s August!

Might as well enjoy it.

Warts and all.


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Photo Friday – Welcome to August 2014








Aug1SquirrelFor today friends, may you not get (too) distracted.

Happy August.

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