Unwarranted Grumbling

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Unwarranted Grumbling

As I was preparing to mow the grass this afternoon, I was grumbling. I wasn’t grumbling because I had to mow. Truth be told, most of the time I enjoy mowing. I was a little grumbly because it seems that when I have time to mow, I can never just hop on the mower and mow.

First, I had to drive to town to get gasoline. That task done, I had to check the oil. My husband had already reminded me to check the oil … at least twice. I have been mowing since I was 12, yet he always reminds me to check the oil. Then, I noticed a tire was low. So, I turned on the air compressor. While the air compressor hummed away, I crawled around the mower putting air in the tires.

What was that? My husband is yelling something to me? Can’t he hear the air compressor humming away? Oh well, he can come over here if he needs to tell me something. There he is again! Yelling for me. I bet he is going to ask if I checked the oil. And again!? Seriously. How am I supposed to get anything done? I turned off the air compressor so I could see what was so urgent.


It wasn’t my husband.

It was a goat. She thought that since I was in the shed, it must be feeding time.

All my mumbling and grumbling wasn’t even warranted.

While mowing, I thought of the scripture:

 “22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

 How many times do I grumble about something that isn’t warranted? Even if it is warranted, what good does grumbling do? Wouldn’t it be nice to hear less grumbling and experience more cheer? Have I ever crushed someone’s spirit or good mood with my grumbling? Yes, unfortunately, I am sure I have.

I’d rather have a cheerful heart than dried up bones, wouldn’t you?


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Here’s to distractions!

It’s that time of year when I can walk out the door, planning to do the chores and find myself distracted by a multitude of tasks.  Everything is turning green!  We are still so very wet.  Soppy, squishy, soaked.  We need several days of sun in a row.  Abigail smells the grass growing and is wondering when she can get out on the pasture.  Cow

Having grown up on a grain farm …. I know that the farmers are feeling her pain.  Multiplied times 10 or more.

Apr 12 Pig Collage

There is much to appreciate and enjoy!  It really is not hard to find something to be grateful for, every day.



These kiddos are a major distraction for me:

Apr14KidsWhen cuteness distracts, roll with it!  Maybe don’t leave your chair, though.

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Photo Friday – April 10, 2015






For today, friends, I hope you feel the sun.

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How long do chores take?

That is a common question I get asked.  My first thought is always, ‘It depends if anyone pooped in their water trough.’

Surely there is a western by that title?

Surely there is a western by that title?

I try to do extra chores on Wednesday mornings because I have a standing date on Wednesday evenings with my sister (and whoever is free to join us) for dinner.  For example, I filled up the cows’ water trough yesterday morning so I wouldn’t have to do that in the evening.  While doing evening chores, I gave the cows’ trough a glance to make sure all was fine … and I noticed how murky the water was.  Then, I noticed the tell-tale trail of cow poo on the edge of the trough.  I am not sure how many gallons their trough holds, but I would estimate it at ….

a lot.

It is a heavy trough when not very full, so I have to use a bucket to remove the water until I finally get the water low enough that I can tip the trough over to dump it on its side to be washed out.  I was busy filling the bucket and flinging the water out of the pen … and didn’t notice that I was slowly sinking deeper into the muck.  Then, as if in slow motion, I felt myself drifting backwards, but my feet were in quicksand!  Softly, I plopped onto my derriere.  I knew immediately what was up.  This is what I posted on Facebook as a tribute of sorts to my late husband:

This is going to seem like a really strange post …. but if you knew Gary very well and if you knew our relationship very well (always playing jokes, laughing and telling stories … on each other!) you will understand: I have been thinking about the fact that today is the 9th anniversary of the day he died. It makes me grumpy. Then, for no great reason, while I was doing chores, I went down, backwards, into mud and poo!! I knew immediately that it was Gary and he wanted me to lighten up. So, here it is folks, my “tribute” to Gary today: Lighten up. Live your life fully. Have fun. Laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself, or this crazy world, too seriously. It’s a short ride and we better enjoy it.


Also, which I do not believe was just coincidence, these were delivered from my best friend … during chores:


Sometimes, I am pretty sure there are NO coincidences.  They are more like God moments.

Of course, chore-length can depend upon how long I stop to smell the roses and play:


Or how many mouths there are to feed … and are they on pasture?  What are the weather conditions?  Etc…  Surprises happen.  Chores get done.

I actually got to see or hear from many of my family and friends yesterday.  The boys and I are blessed in so many ways.

Life moves on.  Ya just gotta hop on and hold on.

And make the coffee!

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Faith ~ Family ~ Friends

A 20th birthday and Easter –

what a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

We have been able to celebrate Easter with three extended families and our church.

Friends have visited.

Everyone loves a baby goat kid.


Poor little Gonzo wasn’t getting treated well by his mama.  His twin was getting the better end of that deal.  So, for a couple of days … we bottle-fed him.

Apr6MollyPosey didn’t want to be left out …


But, who could be mad at that face!?       ^^^

Apr6Maggs Apr6Levi

Plus, Gerty had this big boy:


How big was he?  He was soooo big that she couldn’t have him by herself.  I wasn’t able to pull him by myself, so Pig-farmer had to help.  Poor Gerty.

Since this guy was celebrating his birthday,Apr6Dak

I told him to name that new kid.  “What’s your favorite monster?” I asked….  that big, 20-year old kid … never disappoints in creativity.  His reply was, “Fred Fredburger!!”  of  The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Well, I did ask….knowing that he named his cat Trogdor.


Now, we have a goat named Fred Fredburger.

Then, guess what happened?!

Once Gerty had Fred Fredburger, she didn’t mind an extra and she has adopted Gonzo!  That’s an Easter-weekend blessing, too.

I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night for a bottle-feeding anymore.  :)

Life’s been busy.

Life’s been good.

I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend, too.

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March is going out like a … kid

I can admit that I do not love every single aspect of chores.DSC_0500

I get really tired of mud and puddles.


Although I can appreciate the beauty of winter,


bitter cold wind that stings and chaps,

makes me long for a warm, sunny vacation.

Then, my office view gets softened

and I don’t mind the feed bills quite so much.


Life is a miracle.



The worry and work is worth it.


I don’t just make the coffee, I enjoy it.

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Oatmeal Squares

Every  now and then I like to share a recipe with you.  This recipe came to me via a friend.  I think her daughter found it on Pinterest, but I’m not sure, so I can’t give proper credit.  It is a somewhat-healthy recipe, even!  Few ingredients and easy.  My faves.


1/2 cup honey

1 cup peanut butter

3 cups old-fashioned oats

dark chocolate chips

Microwave honey and peanut butter, stir until smooth.  (I stirred at 30 seconds, then added a few more seconds.)  Stir in oats.  Press in 8″ or 9″ dish.  I melted about 3/4 cup dark chocolate chips and spread over the top. Refrigerate to set.

I’m not paid (darn it) for product endorsement, but I took a picture to show you the products I used.  (Don’t you love that coffee mug a friend got me!?)DSC_0905

Oatmeal_SquaresPerfect as breakfast, snack, or dessert … and with a cup of coffee!

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