Photo Friday ~ November 13, 2015

Sights from my kitchen deck this week:11_13 PF 11_13 PFRIDAY 11_13PF Deer 11_13PFBuck(Sorry for the really grainy image. Maybe Santa will bring me a super zoom lens for Christmas!)

View from my drive to work:

11_13FrostWondering what is around the bend this weekend?  I hope it is beautiful for you!11-13PFKaskaskia

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Photo Friday, November 6, 2015

Nov5 Happy_LimboNov5 TheStruggleNov 5 Not Naming HimNov5 one dayNov5 George

May you have a beautiful Friday!

Nov5 Kaskaskia_River

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It is interesting how a lesson demonstrated or learned through our little farm will often apply to my life in general.

Let’s take “Patience” for example.

Very sadly, very unfortunately, I lost a young doe goat to internal parasites.  Although I had wormed her and treated her with medicine from the veterinarian, her system was unable to overcome the problem.  Apparently, goats are becoming resistant to certain strains of wormers.  Even though this was the first time she had been wormed, the resistance must have been passed on through genetics, her mother’s milk, …. something.

My veterinarian provided me with a different wormer to treat the two remaining does that I have.  I was also given the instruction to bring in a “fresh fecal sample” 10 days later to monitor for parasites.

Normally, goats are proliferate poopers.  They spew their little poop pellets like a gumball machine stuck in the open position.

Not so on the cold, windy morning I needed to collect the “fresh fecal sample.”

Enter “Patience” training.

After walking and following behind my goats with my gardening trowel and a baggie in hand with no luck, I decided to feed them.  They would stay in one spot for awhile and surely, what goes in will come out.DSC_1179

I grabbed a 5-gallon bucket to sit on out of the wind and waited.  And waited.  The cat peeked around the feeder to check for progress.Patience barn cat

Nope.  No poop, yet, I said.

The goats finished eating and seemed to delight in disappointing me.Patience 1

Luckily, they can’t help themselves and must entertain.  It is part of who they are.Patience Purina Patience with goats

Also, luckily, they finally produced.  I then took my baggie of so-labeled, “Caprine fecal sample, i.e. goat poop!” to my veterinarian’s office.  Yes, that is exactly how I labeled it.

Regarding life lessons:  I read the following Joyce Meyer quote,

“Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Sometimes I just need to keep a good attitude while waiting for the poop to pass.

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Input wanted!

Yes, I’m still alive and well!  Yes, I suppose I have a lot of catching up to do.  Briefly, I have returned to full-time employment.  I have a new (old) routine to get used to.  I am just making that coffee earlier now (again).  It’s a good thing! 


For this post, I am asking for your interaction!  I am doing a little market research.

What makes you feel great about walking in to a business?

What do you hate about walking in to some businesses?

I don’t want names of people or businesses ^^…

but I am very interested in what good great customer service means to you.

Smiles are great, right?  But, what about if someone walks past you with their nose in the air!?  Do you assume they are just too busy?  Preoccupied?  Or that customer service isn’t in their job description?Oct24NoseInAir

What behavior makes you feel like an



Actually, he’s pretty darn lovable…. so let me ask, What makes you feel like a business or company is a good part of your life?  Is it a personal touch?  Great service?  Reliability?  Good value for the money?  You feel like they will go above and beyond to help?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!  I’ll catch up more, soon.

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The day is waiting on you.

October Eves

Wild winds have ushered in October.

Listen!Tom Kitty

The trees are holding on tight, but can’t quite keep their skirts down, undersides showing.Blowing leaves

Even the wind seems to want to head south with the birds as it brings seasonal changes.EEK wreath

The trick is to enjoy right here, right now, instead of chasing the wind.Ornamental grass

Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless—like chasing the wind.  ~ Ecclesiastes 6:9

Harvest Sunrise

Get up; get going.  Do what needs to be done.

The day is waiting on you.

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Today is what you make of it.

Change is in the air.Early Morn

Subtly, weaving it’s web.9_26 Web

Starting slowly, gaining momentum.Maple tree

Fight it?Cat fight

Oh, there’s no need!  Change is a constant.

Does the sun sit still?

Sept Sunrise

Not for a minute.

Quit worrying about those watching, waiting,Cat Committee

Stick your neck out!HERON

Find the good, the beautiful.Sedum

Count your blessings – you have HAPPY

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Crafting in Chaos

Crafting had never been a passion of mine.  However, I understand the value of creativity  and getting hands-on experience.  When the boys were young, we would play kids’ songs and bring out the craft supplies.  It was often a chaotic mess.  Creative, but chaotic.  There was that time when my youngest son became frustrated because something wouldn’t stick to a styrofoam ball.  I tried to help him and quickly became frustrated, too.  Determined to make that feather or foam letter or whatever it was, stick to that %$&@ ball, I resorted to Super Glue.  Of course I applied the Super Glue, not my pre-schooler!  I mean, what kind of mother do you think I am?

Soon, my son was frustrated again.  It appeared that the Super Glued styrofoam ball had stuck to his t-shirt.  Never fear son, Super Mom is here!  I gave it a yank.  Then, my son yowled like a cat with its tail slammed in a door.  Apparently, the Super Glued ball not only stuck to his t-shirt … but also to the skin on his chest.

Fast-, really fast-, forward several years.  I now enjoy making (or attempting) some craft projects.  The chaos factor still remains.  DSC_1041 DSC_1043 DSC_1045

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