Photo Friday, Update and Christmas Prep

The sore trapezius (muscle between shoulder/neck) persists, but I think is slowly, oh-so-slowly, getting better.  I’ve avoided much typing and limited time on the computer.  I think that aggravates it.  Texting, too.  Posture, posture, posture!

Pig-farmer has been gone most of the week.  I am trying to make headway with Christmas prep in between chores.  Somehow, Abigail and I managed this feat this morning as I pitched the hay over the fence.


I think it may have been an effort on her part to ensure a good back scratch.  I climbed over and obliged.  Otherwise, my outside photos would be of mud, mud and more mud.

We sold five feeder pigs on Monday, weighing an average of 58 pounds.  We kept six to finish out.

Christmas decorating is not my favorite.  Probably because it also leads me to deep-cleaning.  I like it, of course, after it is all done.  I do have some help.DSC_0837


No, the lights were not plugged in and yes, I made him quit.  The pre-lit garland quit working and I had to wrap new lights around it.

The tree?  Well, I got as far as putting its lights on, so it at least looked good in the dark.  Until the top section of the lights went out.  The section between the lower 3/4ths of the tree and the lighted star.  More light strings added to the shopping list.

I switched to the Nativity.  I love the Nativity.  I have a special shelf on our antique hutch, where the cats can’t bother it.  I add other animal figurines to it, so it is very farm-animal friendly.  There is even a somewhat angelic donkey cookie-cutter hanging out!

Nativity_SetLook closely.  Do you see what I see?

As I carefully unwrapped the figurines, letting the true meaning of Christmas seep into my soul and sore muscle, I felt something amiss in my hand!  Oh sweet king of the Orient!  My apologies!


Super glue added to the shopping list.

For today friends, may your Christmas prep go well!

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Any Advice?


I have a pinched nerve(s) in my trapezius muscle – that muscle that runs between your neck and shoulder.  Sitting hurts.  Standing hurts.  Sleeping is nearly impossible.  It just hurts.  All.  The.  Time.  Like a toothache.


I even went to the doctor, which I rarely do, to make sure what it is, and to know the treatment.  I am using heat, ice, a massager-thing, hot showers, ibuprofen, Icy-Hot, etc.  I tried the prescribed muscle-relaxer but hated the way I felt the next morning.  It didn’t really help me sleep, but sure made me groggy.  I looked up exercises/stretches for that muscle area.  Many of these efforts feel good at the time, but have no long-lasting results.  I suppose I am wanting the quick-fix.  Instant pain-relief!

At least Pig-Farmer has been home to do the chores this weekend.  I only had to muddle through Thursday night’s and Friday morning’s chores, while trying not to aggravate it more.  I hope that it isn’t possible to aggravate it more …. Eek…  Could be a l-o-n-g week.

It has made me realize what a blessing it is to go to sleep and wake up pain free.  Regardless of the “type” of day I am having, I need to thank God for feeling good on the many days I do.  Really, I need to thank God that this isn’t (shouldn’t be) permanent and it will subside.  I need to thank God that I can still “do” – “doing” doesn’t feel good, but neither does “not doing” so, I may as well “do.”

For today, friends, I hope you are pain free!

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Photo Friday

One day.  One nice day this week to get stuff done outside.

Yesterday was not it.


Hello, Happy.


Dec5BirdsThe Christmas lights will get put up another day.

Today, it is raining.  Gloomy.  Gray.

Let there be light!


We are getting our tree tomorrow.  This should be interesting with a kitten in the house.


For today, friends, I hope you are not bamboozled!

I can’t “do” Christmas without Dr. Seuss and the Grinch.

Or Charlie Brown Christmas.

Or The Year Without a Santa Claus.

What can’t you do without during Christmas prep?

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Christmas Season is Here.

Our seasons have shifted.  Not from fall to winter.Dec1IndCorn We, society, have taken it upon ourselves to add a fifth season.

Spring – Summer – Fall – Christmas – Winter.

I had help taking down my fall decorations.Bubbles

My son, Dakota, insisted her name was not Skittles.  He re-named her, Bubbles.

I have to admit.  It completely works.

Although, for several days her name was “Ski – Bubbles.”

Meanwhile, the piglets are growing.


These are the October 2nd babies.


Quite the hams, wouldn’t you say?

I’m enjoying my coffee this cold, windy, December 1st morning.  I hope you are, too.

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Hear me ROAR!


We survived that late-fall snow!  It quickly reminded me why winter is not my favorite season.


2014 was definitely the year that winter returned to Illinois.  So, I am taking the attitude that since it is still 2014 …. this early storm was carry-over from the Polar Vortex or whatever it was called and not an indicator of what is ahead.


It tends to take me awhile to “accept” winter.  I am not sure I will ever welcome winter.


In winter, I struggle with my attitude.  Winter touches so many months, though, I have to get a grip.  Soon.  What will my course of action be?

Nap?  Curl up with a blanket and good book?


Maybe, but probably should not get in the habit of that…

I will, however, of course, just make the coffee, even though I feel a little villainessy.


I will work on this ‘tude, knowing full well that the ground, trees, plants need their rest.  I will look at it from nature’s point of view.  This is the way it is in central Illinois.  And at least I am not in Buffalo, New York.

DSC_0798I will embrace my office view!


This.  Is.  Winter.  Hear me ROAR!


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So, it snowed.


Which was completely unnecessary in my humble opinion.


I mean, I know it is pretty and all that stuff,


but it is November 16th!  Winter, by my calendar, is not until December 21st.


The animals didn’t seem to mind too much.

Boer_Goats Polled_Herefords

By evening chores, it was snowing heavier.


I huffed, and I puffed, and I finally managed to tie my heavy snow boots while bending over my sweatshirt, insulated-coveralls and chore coat.


I braved the wild outdoors with Pig-farmer.

He is like the animals and doesn’t really mind the snow.

DSC_0773I discovered it really wasn’t too cold out

and it really was beautiful.

But, it’s NOVEMBER 16th


that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

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My Glamorous Life

I thought it only fair

that I show the non-pretty, office view

since people often ask,

What do you do?

Don’t you get bored?

or maybe they just say,

Must be nice.IMG_1368[1] Which makes me smile

and assume they aren’t picturing this.

IMG_1369[1]No matter the job,

there will be a certain amount of poop to scoop.

However, I do have this to come inside to:

IMG_1371[2]My glamour-puss.

Pass me the bon-bons, please.

After we play, of course,


Yep, I like my office view(s).

IMG_1394[1]I hope you do, too…

even when there’s poop to scoop.

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