Preparing to kid. Not joking.

It’s time to be thinking about kidding.  Goat-kidding.  Birthing.

Jethro, the buck, came to visit November 3 thru February 1.  Gertie was in heat November 3.  If she conceived then, she is due around the first of April.  Goats’ gestation is approximately 150 days.  Gabby and Posey … I have no idea when/if.  Gabby looks expectant.  GoatsPosey isn’t saying.


Goats don’t like to be alone.  They like to have a buddy.  Ideally, I will be able to pen the expectant mother up prior to kidding.  This way, if she has problems, it is easier to assist.  Additionally, if the weather is cold, rainy, windy, etc. I can have a heat lamp on for the kid(s) to stay warm under.  The problem with three goats is that if I pen two together or near each other, the third one is left alone.  I guess I need a fourth … ;)

This morning I started evaluating the grain bin that sits in the goat lot.  GoatsKidsite

Goats3GoatsWaitMaybe we could make a couple of kidding pens in it.  The goats would still in their familiar lot, with the smaller and draftier shed still available for those not birthing.


I have a very long, heavy-duty extension cord that I think would make it possible.  Rigging it so the goats can’t get to it will be the challenge.


 She looks like she is daring me to try!

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Pigs and Illinois weather update

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Since my last post, we’ve had more snow: Plus fog and freezing rain.  Notice how the icicles hanging from my front porch frame the top of the picture.  The little mounds in the snow were last year’s pumpkin hills. Then, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday – February 27, 2015




For today friends, enjoy an apple!

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Piglets were born 2/25/15


After getting snow, snow and some more snow, it is nice to have something that feels like spring.

The pastels of yesterday’s sunrise were a beauty to behold.


Farm babies feel like spring.

Being born is hard work.  These babies found the warmth of the heat lamp and took a nap.


Mama Bernice did well.  She had a litter of 13.  Pig-farmer is happy.  Two were still-born.  11 mouths to feed!  The little girl above, with the white eye … was failing to thrive.  I held her up to Mama for a long time while rubbing her little body.  She nursed and got some of that all-so-important colostrum milk.  Then she needed a nap.  Now we shall see how she does.  Sometimes they need a little help to thrive.  Sometimes there are other reasons they don’t thrive/survive.  We can’t see how they are formed internally.  Time will tell.


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Friendship is:

You know you have a good friend when

you open the door to your overly-full, in-bad-need-of-defrosting freezer, with a “Simplify” sign resting, well, simply, on top,

and she doesn’t even flinch when a pair of black, dress-pants are just chilling inside.


 Pizza, pork burgers, pot pies or pants?

You know you have a really great friend when

you explain that your son got a sticky mouse trap stuck to his dress pants and when you Googled how to remove the glue, it suggested freezing them before trying to remove the glue …

and she digs right in and starts helping scrape off the sticky mouse trap glue!

And to help remove the glue residue, she suggests peanut butter.  Because she knows these things.

Pizza, pork burgers, pot pies, pants … and peanut butter.

I am blessed with with my friendships.

For today, friends, be a friend (and count your blessings).

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How cold is it?

It is wind-whipping,











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Healthy Schmealthy

I have never had an injury while consuming a DQ Blizzard or a Druby’s cheeseburger or taco salad.  However, let me attempt to eat “healthier” at home and all kinds of heck breaks loose.


My inept bandaging makes it looks worse than it is.  I had to try to secure it well enough to stay on in gloves while doing chores.  (It did!)

For today friends, be careful … and go ahead and eat out!  ;)

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