What is that word?

What is the word I am searching for?  It is not ‘trepidation.’  It is not ‘fear’.  ‘Curiosity’ isn’t quite right, either.  How to describe heading out to do chores?  ‘Wonder’?  ‘Hyper-alertness’ ??

It is what makes answering the question, “How long do chores take you?” so hard to answer.

One just never knows.

Stuff goes wrong, or at least unplanned.

Someone plots an escape route.

DSC_1086 DSC_1087 DSC_1091 Uhm, yes.  I am watching you.

Or someone goes exploring and visiting and I have to get my camera.


Pumpkin Pie had never ventured into the goat pen before; even though their back gate opens into the pasture.  We were all surprised to see her checking their digs out one morning.

DSC_0984 DSC_0987 DSC_0992

Pumpkin blossoms may call to be picked for making into a fried delicacy.


Or maybe everything and everyone is calm.  Quiet.  At peace.  And I forget the weeds and that the grass needs mowed and flowers need watered and dead-headed and when am I going to organize the workbench and sweep out the shed and oh yes, I need to pick up the sweet corn stalks from Mom’s house and till the patch over there …. Then a feeling of awe about God’s creation settles lightly on your shoulders and you just stop to breathe in the beauty of a summer sunset.

DSC_1061 DSC_1062

What is the word to describe all that and more?  ‘Adventure’ or ‘awareness’ or …. ?  What is a word for all that and so much more?

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Pig-farmer strikes again!!

While having a delightful picnic lunch over-looking Lake Shelbyville today, I told my friends the story I am about to tell you.  They both encouraged me to record it for prosperity on the blog.  They know (and love) Pig-farmer and look forward to my tales.  We debated titles.  “Never trust a man that drinks from the hose lying in the barn yard.”   “He’s Ba-a-ack!”   Or just that he “…strikes again!”

Yesterday I had a boatload of outside work to do.  I do every day, but since the weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, I made working outside a priority.  I chose a racer-back tank top to wear.  I must wear sunscreen.  For me, it is as necessary as jeans/shorts and a top.  Since Pig-farmer had not left yet for his travels, I asked him to apply the sunscreen for me.  I often break into song, providing the background music for my life.  I was happily singing, “Sunscreen on my shoulders makes me happy” (to the tune of John Denver’s song, “Sunshine on my shoulders”) while he applied the sunscreen.

Last night, before hopping in the shower I checked to see if I overdid the sun with just one application of sunscreen.  It’s good to know this before getting under a spray of hot water.  I took a picture for you to see what happened.  Just so ya know, I put on a swim suit top for the picture!  I did not want to scare small children or have a picture go viral on some internet “FAIL!” page…


I know he rubbed both shoulders.  From the evidence, I can only assume that he put a dollop of sunscreen on his right hand, but forgot to put any on his left hand??

Sigh ….  and this too shall pass.


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Photo Friday

This summer morning:

DSC_0997 DSC_1000

DSC_0987 DSC_1057

DSC_1035 DSC_1039

Sunflowers DSC_1009

DSC_1005 DSC_1006 DSC_1007

Pumpkin_Patch DSC_1014 DSC_1054

For today, friends, I hope you find contentment in the little joys…

for they are actually the big joys.

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Tuesday Newsday


We decided to bale this mowing of the pasture.  It was so lush and thick with all the rain we’ve had and not too many animals grazing it.

Hay Hay

There is a lot that needs to come together for baling and it is hard to plan it precisely.  The weather needs to be perfect of course ~ hot, dry, low humidity, a nice breeze, the animals’ approval …

DSC_0926 DSC_0930

Since we don’t have our own haying equipment, our hay’s timing needs to match up with our hay man’s schedule.  Our hay man is my brother-in-law-that-treats-me-like-a-sister.  He works a full-time job in addition to having his own farm.  Luckily, thankfully, he worked us in Saturday evening.

Baling_Hay DSC_0947

Saturday evening is not the greatest time to pull together a hay crew of strong, young men, though.  So, Pig-farmer got my sister and me – HA!


Please give us mercy – that picture was taken after we were finished!

My youngest son, Dakota, was able to delay his evening plans and did a lion’s share of the heavy work with Pig-farmer.  We were SO grateful!

DSC_0957 DSC_0958

Baling with family is a special time, I have to say.


Dakota had the hardest job of throwing the bales up to Pig-farmer to stack.  That’s why he is “wearing” so much hay chaff!

After all was said and done, our small pasture netted us 171 bales!  We were well-pleased and thankful for our help.


For today, friends, make hay while the sun shines!

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Photo Friday

While strolling the pasture, I was being scolded by a meadowlark.  I assumed she was worried about her babies …






Hmmfff PigFarmerFace Weeds are flowers too

For today friends, may your weeds be flowers.

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Tuesday Newsday

This time of year I love playing, “What’s growing in the pumpkin patch?”  I love watching the plants develop.  This year, it is especially challenging because I planted as the weather and my easily-distracted personality allowed me to!  Last year, I had a nice diagram of the patch and varieties planted.  This year, not even a doodle.  Then, some of the planted hills didn’t germinate, so I went back through (a couple of times for some of them) and poked a few more seeds into the hill all willy-nilly like.  Now, I have a growing, vining, I-Spy game!

These photos were all taken this evening:

DSC_0860 DSC_0865

I’ve also been noticing this row of plants grow more as a bush,


unlike the typical vines of pumpkin and squash plants.


Among the bushes’ leaves I found these:


On a few of the vines, I found some smushy, rotty-looking baby pumpkins.  :(

Too much rain?  Too cool?  In July?  In Illinois?  Maybe.

I pulled off the sickly-looking fruits.  Hopefully, there will be plenty of good ones.


Good ones like these!

DSC_0862 DSC_0875

The hogs do not mind the rain and mud one bit.  In fact, they have been delighted to play in it.  It is impossible to do any of the pig chores without getting a good application of mud on myself.


And to think, some people pay good money for that type of spa treatment!  I do lead the glamorous life….

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Photo Friday



July11Eh July11SealedLips July11TooLazy


For this weekend, I hope you find a shady, comfy place for a nap!

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