Photo Friday ~ August 28, 2015

Abs Dirt AbsDirtABs AirwaysAbs1 AbsQueenAbs ChallengerAbs Little BoyAbs and calf 2

Hope you are Queen / King of your hill this weekend, friends.

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Photo Friday ~ August 21, 2015

21st PF

21st Donkey21st Bee_Pollen21st Morning_Glory 21st PF Goat_Weeds 21st Sunny_Day

Another blog post brought to you by Sesame Street.

You’re singing it, aren’t you?

Fabulous Friday to you, friends!

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Pumpkin Patch Predators

The evil squash bugs are creating havoc in our patch.  Well, that and the really rainy month of June, possibly.  I have lots of vines.  Not so many pumpkins, this year.  There have been lots of bees and butterflies around the flowers, but not a lot of the female (fruit attached) blossoms.  Not much I can do about that.  However, I am declaring war on the squash bugs (and eggs).  The wilted leaves in the top left photo are caused by their damage.  The bugs will destroy the vines and move on to gnaw holes into the fruit.Squash_Beetle_Collage

Their scientific name is Anasta nistis DeGeer.  Looks like A nasty nemesis in de Rear to me.  After some research, I have decided to treat with food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE), keeping it off the blooms as much as possible so it won’t harm the bees.

As always, watching the fruit develop is interesting!  Photos were taken after I did emergency treatment with DE.20th Diatomaceous_Earth 20th Mini_pumpkins 20th Striped_Gourd

A few decorative gourd vines are inter-twining with the zinnias, making for some spectacular blossoms and blooms.20th BlossomsWatching the butterflies is also relaxing.20th and butterflies

After the pumpkin patch, it was home to make peach pie.  Why do I feel like this post is sounding precariously like a Sesame Street episode?

Today’s episode was brought to you by the letter P.

20th Peach_pie

Thanks to Mom and Dale for the peaches.  Have a positively perfect day!


Here’s a link if you are looking for information regarding your own patch: Squash Bugs .



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Photo Friday ~ August 7, 2015

Bonk Bull_Calf Cute_calf Donut HolesHam Tom CatFridaysFriends, I hope you kick this week to the curb and enjoy your weekend!


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Summer Lovin’

August!  It’s here!  Summer flies soooo quickly from here.

Where are those lazy, hazy days??

As long as we’re having fun, it doesn’t matter.

Visits with cousins and family:

Cousins Greg Who is happier?Julie

Getting to take night-time walks while the sun sets,Full Moon Walk 7_31

and the full moon rises over Lake Shelbyville.FullMoon 7_31FullMoon2 7_31

The old bold,JandM 7_31and the beautiful.MandM

Helping friends that organize an amazing 5K race, the Tom Short 5K.Tom_Short_5K

Seeing my sons with their friends.Dak and friendsL and T

Standing on my back deck, watching the cattle graze and the sun set.Sunset 8_3

That’s just a snapshot-sampling of the last 10 days.

I hope you are having beautiful summer moments!

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Pumpkin Patch Progress

It is a fun time to check the progress of the pumpkin patch.  They change quickly now!31 Bug in BlossomThe blossoms are providing food for the pollinators and the pollinators happily oblige by pollinating.31 PollinationI remember the general area I planted different species, gourds to the west and pumpkins to the east … but nothing more specific than that.  It makes it fun to see what is developing.
31 Blossom31 Gourds31PumpkinsWhile at the patch, which is at Mom’s farm this year, I checked on the blackberries.  My sister is the keeper of the berries:31 Berries

These are “tame” berries (thornless!!) and are usually larger than wild berries.31 BlackberriesShe shared berries with me in exchange for a piece of pie!Blackberry_pie

Deal!  Sealed with a fork.



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Photo Friday ~ July 24, 2015

Here’s a sample of life around the 5 acres this week:

24 Berkshire 24Cows_on_Pasture 24Summer in Illinois 24th FlowerBed 24th Happy 24th Popcorn 24th Sunflowers


Happy weekend, friends!!!

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