All photos were taken Friday, May 22, from my front porch.

Life really is about taking time to notice the little things.



The old and the new:


Unimpressed with my decision to be outside:23WindowCats


Happy’s reminder to kick up your heels!23Kick Up Heels

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Photo Friday – May 22, 2015

First thing out of bed, even before coffee (!!), still in pjs, I checked on Abigail.  Nope, no calf yet.  Then, I went for coffee …. only to discover that last night I forgot to put the lid on the carafe, which is what allows the coffee to drip into the carafe.  Therefore, my coffee filled up the filter holder and ran over that, down the cabinet, onto the floor.  No pictures of that.  No sound either (good thing).  So, I spent my first 30 minutes in the kitchen cleaning.  Pig-farmer was happily away on a business trip.

Later, properly fueled, I trekked back out for today’s pictures.  I was greeted by these escapees:22The escapeesThen, I wanted to check Abigail more closely.

22Cows at Rest

She got up for her morning back scratch.  Notice her calm, relaxed ears?


While I was scratching her back, she snapped to attention.  When livestock alert, so should you.  I had to strain to listen for what she was hearing…. coyotes.

Cow on alert

She and Pumpkin Pie headed for the barn, alerting the goats.22MoveOn 22Running Goats 22TotheBarn

The big, old, barn in the east isn’t ours, nor is it where they were headed.  It looks closer in the pictures!

After that excitement and morning exercise, maybe Abi will have that calf today!?22Barn

Here’s to hope (and patience) this Friday, friends!

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Waiting …

on Abigail to calve!

DSC_1373My big girl’s due date was yesterday.  She was showing the right signs on Monday, so I thought I would have a post of Polled Hereford delightfulness by now.

Patience.  Not my strongest suit.

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Just Make the Coffee at The Mayson Jar

It started with this blog, adding photography to the blog, then adding captions to the animals’ photos.  What did?  What started?  The idea of putting the animals’ photos on other media.  Such as a children’s farm animal book, Who Knows Whose Nose; greeting cards and mugs, and even crafting barbed-wire wreaths!  CloseUp

MyBooth5 13All of them can be found at the delightful, charming and friendly:Wagon

This cottage of treasures is in the little village of Westervelt, Illinois, a few miles north of Shelbyville and its beautiful, Lake Shelbyville.  There is even a winery, Willow Ridge, less than two miles away!  Bonus!  Score two for the country life.

Front Porch

Come on in and I’ll give you a little tour of the store where my animals will (hopefully) help pay for a little of their feed.

First, you will be greeted by the nicest, most accommodating  owners, Mike and Vickie.VickieThen, just wander the beautiful arrangements, stopping to ooh and aah over the displays, crafts, antiques, primitives, woodwork, hardwood floors, scarves, jewelry, candles ….

Front RoomFeed BagsKitchenLadderOldGateShutters

Even the walk-thru closet is a treat for shoppers with displays of items like one might find in great-grandma’s attic.


I found myself pondering where I might be able to put this:School Desk

 I have more work to do before their Spring Fling:Open HouseI suppose the biggest question just might be, How do I keep myself from spending any money I may make on all the fantastic finds in the store?

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Photo Friday ~ May 8, 2015

8Assistant 8CentralIllinois

8Abi 8Iris 8Weeds

For today, friends,8Joy

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Call it what you will

I made the opportunity to go mushroom hunting.May4Squirrel

However, that would imply that I would have photos of yummy, yellow sponge morels to show you.  The squirrel laughed as I meandered about.May4SCreekI know my handicap in finding mushrooms, so I took my camera along.  Maybe I could call it a photo-shoot instead of mushroom hunting?  I wandered my way to the Kaskaskia River.  The Redbud tree reaching and stretching over the river did not disappoint!May4RiverRedbud

I also just love stumbling upon the old fencing from when Grandpa grazed cattle in the timber.May4Barbedwire May4Fence

My thoughts spiral about … Did the fence, the cattle, the fact that Grandpa was an avid hunter (i.e. gun-carrier), and/or common respect of land help deter trespassers?May4Spiral

I remember the delight in finding Jack-in-the-Pulpit plants as a kid; andMay4JackPulpit

imagining the forest animals gathering for a sermon by Jack.  Is it just me, or do you see the cross in the trees and sunlight, too?May4SunlitCross

I didn’t “play” with that picture or the lighting.  No flash was used …  click and shoot with natural lighting.  The timber is definitely a walking devotional time for me.  So much to be in awe of ~ May4Dogwood

After walking and hiking ravines for literally hours, I decided the outing could be called a workout.  I was then moving about as quickly as this guy:May4Turtle

It was time to head home with my empty mushroom bag, empty tummy and full camera memory card!  But, wait!  Let’s stop to smell Mom’s lovely lilac bush….May4Lilac

For today friends, I hope you enjoy God’s canvas.


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Sunshine and Smiles

I love it when the animals can get out on pasture.

It was a chilly, windy day that I turned them out and followed them about.

The sun cooperated and so did the camera and subjects:

Apr25Grass Apr26C



Oh… wait,

there’s more.  The ones that made me laugh, right out loud.

The following two are the same picture, just cropped differently.




I hope these have made you smile, friends!

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