4-Wheeler Vacation

Yesterday afternoon, after way too many days of rain, mist, clouds and gloom, the sun came out!  I did my little happy-dance and trotted outside.  Danced and trotted as well as I could in my rubber chore boots.  After some yard work and chores,  I still had time before dark to ride the 4-wheeler to visit my Mom’s timber where the hand of fall is dipping liberally into an artist’s palette.  Ride along with me?


The soybeans are ready to be harvested …. but the ground is saturated!  Hopefully, we will now get several days of drying sunshine and gentle wind.


 Hang in there, beans.  Don’t bust your pods.  Harvest is coming.


 I really do not need a week of vacation.  I do need these vacation moments.


The smells of fall in the country  … it is hard to describe the smell of fall leaves and ripe crops.  It brings back childhood memories.  My Mom standing at the kitchen sink, looking out the window, saying, “Go get the gate for your Dad.  He’s tired.”  Our calves were always weaned in the fall and we had a few fields that were accessed by passing through the barn lot where the calves were held.  That smell of a fall evening.  Crispness. Beautiful.

 Nostalgia in a scent.

DSC_0407 DSC_0415 DSC_0431

 For today, I hope you enjoy fall and get a whiff of nostalgia.

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Definitely not retired

People often ask how I like retirement.  Although I haven’t exactly been put out to pasture.


 I laugh.  I say, “The pay is lousy; but the benefits are great.”


In reality, I feel I work really hard to make something work for us.  Or at least to try some ventures to see what works and what doesn’t.  I work hard in order to simplify, if that makes sense.

KittensI was being hard on myself for not being able to DO MORE; to get MORE DONE.  (It felt a lot like how I felt when I chose to stay home while the boys were young.)  I mean I don’t work … ahem, have a paying job.  When, I realized, I am working.  A lot.  This life that Pig-farmer and I have chosen is a full-time job for me.  Just because grain farmers have been rained out of the fields for days on end or may not be as busy during the winter, does that mean they are not full-time, hard-working, farmers?  Just like any career, there are busier times and slower times.  Sometimes chores take longer than others.  Some days, there is just more poop to scoop.  That probably fits the bill at any job/career, right? 


Leaving home at 6 a.m. to take pigs to the processor’s this morning, did allow me to have some time later in the morning, after the sow was fed and market hogs were watered, to work on a blog.  I can blog and do paperwork while also trying to manage the ridiculous amount of laundry that this rainy, cool weather generates as we do our livestock work in the mud and muck.

It’s a plus that I had four, furry, warm, mini-motors on my lap while writing this post…


I took these four to the veterinarian’s yesterday.  Two were having some diarrhea and goopy eyes.  Now, how can I find good homes for them that way?  It appears that three of the four furballs are females.  At the vet’s, they dewormed and gave the first round of kitty vaccines.  Plus, I now give them a minuscule dribble of antibiotics two times a day for 10 days to clear up any infection they may have.  Then, they will be ready for new homes.  Sigh.  No really, I have to.  Yesterday alone cost $122.  But, I had to know they were healthy.  Still, I was selling pumpkins to help with Christmas expenses not to pay for kitten bills.


My days have a different pace and rhythm than they used to, when I was “working.”  It’s taken over a year, but I get it.  I do still work full-time.  It is work of our choice, varying as demanded by weather and livestock.  Trying to simplify a lifestyle, while working through complications and a few struggles.


Our families have different needs at different times.  Our lifestyle choices may vary.  What makes one comfortable or content may very well not work for someone else.

For today, think on this:


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Three little words.

Three little words made my day today.

I’ll explain:

I had lots planned for today.  Outside.

Autumn_RAINThe weather had its own plans.  It’s raining again.


Yesterday I couldn’t get enough done outside fast enough.  The day zoomed by in a flash!  As I worked on one task, I thought of several more that need done or that I want to do.Ornamental_Corn

Technically, it won’t be winter until December 21.

Who the heck believes that?

We know these gorgeous fall days are coming to an end.Fall

I have puh-lenty to do in the house.

OctDecor OctoberKitchen

But I want to work and play outside!


Even at night!


 So, while the service-men were here to give my furnace a once-over, I sat down at the computer.  I decided to peruse this blog’s stats.  Every now and then I check the “Search Engine Terms.”  Those are the words that people type in their search engine (Google, Safari, etc) that lead them to my blog.  Usually, it is something like Berkshire pigs or Boer goats.  This time, I laughed out loud when I saw a search engine phrase that brought someone to my blog.  It was:

crazy woman farmer

Crazy.  Woman.  Farmer.

I love that!

I love those three little words.

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Make that, OH BABIES:


DSC_0240 DSC_0267 DSC_0270 DSC_0280 DSC_0285 DSC_0287

Bernice, the sow, is doing a great job taking care of her piglets.

The kittens are not so lucky.  They were abandoned.

They are …. adorable.

Yesterday, I husked and bundled ornamental corn while the kittens entertained me.


I hope you are entertained today!

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Photo Friday






Smiling piglet

For today, Photo Friday friends, I hope you smile!


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Hogs and Strength

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Hogs.  My strength is coming from hogs.

Loading black pigs in a trailer, in the dark before dawn, and one went on a little run in the dark, in the rain, in the mud, is not a good idea. Add in the sow started giving birth and Pig-farmer had to leave to deliver the three fat hogs to the processor, pick up meat from the last hog, deliver 1/2 a hog of pork to a friend, and brought home the other 1/2 a hog of pork to put in the freezer. I said to myself, I’m glad this day is almost over! Then, I looked at the clock and it read 10:15 A.M.!!  By the time Pig-farmer was home with the pork, I delivered five piglets.  All are thriving so far.  Whew!

Well, hello friends.

I am in for a relaxing cup of coffee.  The coffee I grabbed and gulped earlier while on the run between pig deliveries has worn off.  Pig-farmer is on nursery duty now.  We are up to six babies.

Here is a sweet picture of Baby Pig #1.

OCT14No, those hairy legs aren’t mine.  Baby is nestled up between Bernice’s front legs.  She is a big sow now, Bernice.  There was a long wait between the first and second piglets.  I was getting nervous.  Pig-farmer was on the phone with me and nervous.  Over an hour later, a scrappy little girl came along.  Not too much later, a large girl came along with a mighty grunt from Bernice.  ‘Yowsa!’ I said and gave Bernice a gentile scratch along her cheek.  I think that one had the runway blocked … the others started coming along more quickly.

More on hogs and their amazing strength later.  I just made my coffee and am ready to enjoy it.

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Don’t ya just hate that, too/2??

I hate when I write a post, like I did the other evening, intending to post it the next morning after I have reviewed, chosen, edited and then inserted the photos I took to go with it!  But, I accidentally hit PUBLISH instead of SAVE DRAFT.

What I didn’t hate was just giving it a sigh, closing my laptop, retreating to my freshly laundered bed and saying to myself, ‘My blog-reading friends will understand.  They might not even notice there were no pictures.’

The ornamental corn has done much better than I thought it was going to do.  It is beautiful, even the imperfect ears.  Each ear is a surprise to me!  What colors will it hold? I have tried to find a pattern, based upon the color of the husks, but haven’t figured out one yet.  I love peeling back the husks to see what God’s paintbrush designed.

Some of this corn grew crazy tall!  Thanks to all the rain we had this summer, I suppose.


After I pull the ears, I break the stalks over.


After a row is done, I stack the stalks so I can take them from the patch at Mom’s to my house for the animals.


Happy is a creature of routine.  He loves this routine.

Happy_the_donkey DSC_0174

Whoops, got distracted by more artwork:


Oh and did I mention that Bernice, the sow, is “bellied-down” and due to have her pigs today!?


Back to that beautiful corn….as I work, I like to let it dry a bit and I have it, well, coming out of my ears!  ;)

A double ear! –

Ornamental_Corn DSC_0138


DSC_0158 DSC_0159 DSC_0160

 Welcome beautiful October!!

Don’t you just LOVE that?

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