So, it snowed.


Which was completely unnecessary in my humble opinion.


I mean, I know it is pretty and all that stuff,


but it is November 16th!  Winter, by my calendar, is not until December 21st.


The animals didn’t seem to mind too much.

Boer_Goats Polled_Herefords

By evening chores, it was snowing heavier.


I huffed, and I puffed, and I finally managed to tie my heavy snow boots while bending over my sweatshirt, insulated-coveralls and chore coat.


I braved the wild outdoors with Pig-farmer.

He is like the animals and doesn’t really mind the snow.

DSC_0773I discovered it really wasn’t too cold out

and it really was beautiful.

But, it’s NOVEMBER 16th


that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

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My Glamorous Life

I thought it only fair

that I show the non-pretty, office view

since people often ask,

What do you do?

Don’t you get bored?

or maybe they just say,

Must be nice.IMG_1368[1] Which makes me smile

and assume they aren’t picturing this.

IMG_1369[1]No matter the job,

there will be a certain amount of poop to scoop.

However, I do have this to come inside to:

IMG_1371[2]My glamour-puss.

Pass me the bon-bons, please.

After we play, of course,


Yep, I like my office view(s).

IMG_1394[1]I hope you do, too…

even when there’s poop to scoop.

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Photo Friday




I hope you meet someone new today.

Happy Friday, friends!

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Photo Friday – Halloween Edition

31NoCandy31Bacon31Kitten 31MapleLeafGoat31Pie 31Spider31GhostPig

 I hope you have a delightful Halloween!

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On a whim, last winter I ordered carrot seeds that came on a strip of paper.  Carrot seeds are teeny, weeny, tiny and these came already stuck to a strip of biodegradable paper.  Just plant the strip and you’re done.  Yesterday, I harvested those carrots and had a good ol’ time.  DSC_0622

I dug them up, soaked them in water, found a sunny spot on the front porch out of the wind, cut the green tops off, rubbed them clean and bagged them up.


I have new respect for carrot farmers and those lovely, uniform carrots we buy in stores.  I had contenders for most-alien-like:


I even might have started a new trend, spiral carrots:


Happy intensely watched my carrot harvesting and patiently waited for me to include him.


That is one carrot plant he is holding.  Or several that morphed together?  Pretty soon, he started playing, swinging the plant up and down.  I don’t believe he quite knew what to do with my alien carrots. DSC_0633


Good thing we are both easily entertained.

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“Office” Views


Whenever my “office” view overlooks babies, it is a good day.


The piglets are weaned.  They are eating their feed and have figured out the automatic waterer.  At this age, they are still darned cute.


Pumpkin Pie is nearing her one-year birthday.  My, how she has grown!  She is still a heifer, until she has a calf, then will be considered a cow.  We won’t breed her until next summer, hoping to synchronize her calving time close to Abigail’s.  Abigail is due May 2015 and we will breed her during the summer, too.

Polled_HerefordI’ve decided I want to shoot for spring 2015 baby goats … not early-February-mid-blizzard like last winter, when Gabby was born.  Goat gestation is approximately 5 months.  The plan is to bring a friend’s buck over to “court” the girls in the near future.  Gabby is too young for that nonsense, so I will have to keep her separated (hopefully).  We could breed her at this age, but I would prefer to wait.


Then, once my work outside is done, I come into the house to … more babies!

Kittens Kittens

Sometimes, I have to stop and watch them play ….. or sleep, or eat, or groom.  Adorableness.

DSC_0508 DSC_0533

Then, along comes evening and my oldest son arrives home from student-teaching.  Last night, I helped him condense the last 4 years of his life into an official-looking resume!  Is it awful of me to brag now and say that he has maintained a 4.0 GPA out of a possible 4.0? Well, resumes are basically where you do have to toot your own horn ….


Old Main Eastern Illinois University Charleston, IL

Old Main
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL

I hope you enjoy your office view(s) today!

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Photo Friday





The rest of today’s Photo Friday has a Too-Cute factor rating of 100%.

If you are inclined to adoption of subject(s), please note that I can not be held responsible for your actions.

Side effects include, but are not limited to: laughter, relaxation, lowering of blood pressure, strong desires to photograph the subject(s), possible addiction to purring, forgetfulness of chores/to-do lists due to playing with &/or cuddling subject(s), **inability to move from a sitting position because you do not want to disturb sleeping subject(s), strange walk developed to not disturb the sleeping subject(s) on your fuzzy house slipper, hyper-vigilant observational powers to help avoid stepping on, sitting on or accidentally shutting subject(s) into cabinets, closets, refrigerators, boxes, etc. and numerous other positive side effects.


Oct24KittensAtRest Oct24LostContac Oct24NoEvilFor today, Photo Friday friends,


but wear sunscreen!

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