Get moving!

I need to get my @ss moving…and I don’t mean Happy, the donkey.

My energy level has dropped. My mood has, too. What is the culprit? The recent time change? Stress? Fatigue?

We have been wearing pedometers through a wellness program at work and reporting our miles on a weekly basis. I turned in a dismal report today. D-oh! It clicked. The less I feel like exercising, the more I need to. I know this. Nike coaches, “Just Do It.” The benefits are not new.

It is easy to overeat when I know I will feel miserable later. So why is it easy to not do something that I know I will feel good about doing later?

Weigh in on this subject! I don’t mean I want your weight in numbers… I want your thoughts and opinions? What keeps you motivated? How do you make yourself get your happy @ss moving when you’re not so happy or energetic!?

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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2 Responses to Get moving!

  1. My trick ..don’t take time to think about doing it, contemplate it or plan it…just do it by rote…as soon as my feet hit the floor, I gear up head out….(mind you) my exercise is in the form of farm chores and must be done – still it is easy to put off…
    Good luck and stick-with-it!

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