Friends are fuel. 

You may have a nice car, but if you don’t have fuel, you aren’t going anywhere. 

I am blessed, and I mean Blessed, with the most amazing friends.  Luckily for me, I have family that are friends and friends that are family.  Does that make sense? 

Back to the first sentence – friends are fuel.  Friends fill my tank.  Just when I think I am sputtering to a pitiful, can’t-go-one-more-inch halt, friends will refuel my spirit.  Usually it is in the form of laughter.  Friends help me laugh at the absurdities of life, the frustrations we all experience and at the “Can’t do anything else about it, so I might as well laugh” moments.  Maybe most importantly, my best friends realize or understand that I will laugh at inappropriate moments.  Nervous habit?  Coping mechanism?  They know that I will laugh and have tears streaming down my face.  I may snort.  I may shake quietly or I may burst out loudly and suddenly. 

Friends know what I need.  God love ’em and so do I, but my husband and kids will know I’m (fill in the blank) ___________ stressed / exhausted / grumpy / rushed / swamped / frustrated and STILL will ask “What’s for dinner?”  A friend will suggest lunch. 

Friends can’t wait to tell each other the latest “Guess what stupid thing I just said/did?”

Friends “know” just by looking at your face or hearing your voice.

I wish I had more pictures of my friends and I just laughing and talking.  Not looking at the camera and not knowing we were being photographed but engrossed in our friendship!

My friends seem to accept or at least be amused that I am a little bit nuts.



Or maybe they just feel sorry for me?

Whatever it is, I love them and appreciate them.

I wonder if they will mind if I make a gallery of pictures with them and add it to this blog site?  I should ask permission…or fogiveness if I do it anyway!?  Watch out friends, I’m collecting pictures!

 {Side note:  I originally typed “gas” instead of “fuel.” I giggled when I read, “Friends are gas.”}

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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4 Responses to Friends

  1. Julie Winings says:

    This made me smile, giggle, and nod my head in agreement. Friends are fuel!! Hugs to you Marla.

  2. Janie Fox says:

    friends do make life so much more bearable. I would not know what to do without mine. I only wish we had more time to goof off with each other!

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