House Cleaning is Like Dieting

If you let up for a minute “the problem” will grow and grow until “the problem” seems too overwhelming to tackle. 

We are having our house insulated from the tips to the toes (attic to crawlspace).  The nice, insulation-contractor man said they will use a variety of tools and tests to look for air leaks all through the house and seal ’em up before adding the insulation. 

OH.  You mean like the cold, drafty, north bedroom of mine? 


Even my teenage son’s room?

Yes, ma’am. 


Ma’am, we’ll need you to clear the belongings out of the attic so we can airseal and insulate.

Attic?  Oh, yes.  You will also enter that “junk” room upstairs?  The one that is so full of everybody’s “stuff” that the door can hardly be pushed open?

Yes, we will check for air leaks all throughout your house.  You never know where air bypasses can be found, creating those drafts you don’t like.

Drafts…air bypasses…cold rooms…high heating bills…okay, mmm-hmmm.

To top it off, to seal my fate, to ruin my weekend, I suggested to the media/public relations director at my office that I would like to write a story on this little project for our electric cooperative members to read in the newsletter.  He was supportive and even suggested videoing some of the work.  What was I thinking?

I started purging and cleaning.  I wondered why on earth I had not purged and cleaned some of this before now. 

My husband and I purged the attic.  We didn’t even get too grouchy with each other.  I was sore from the lifting and 584 trips up and down steps.  Steps to the attic; steps from 2nd floor to 1st floor.  I was grateful I didn’t fall. 

Dakota, my 16-year old son, and I bonded while de-grossing his room.  To say we cleaned his room would be a stretch.  

Time was running out.  I quit purging and started stashing.    I made a discovery.  I no longer think the big, plastic tubs are my friends!  They are the enemy, disguised as helpful friends, like “low-fat” cookies and ice cream.

My attention span is short.  Purging leads to reminiscing.  Well….maybe I should keep this after all?  Oh look, what is in this tub?  I have been LOOKING for that disk of photos!  Awwww, here is a box of artwork from when the boys were little.  This wooden shelf will be so cute once I paint and distress it.  Another tub…doesn’t bite the dust.  Sort of like when I forget I am watching my caloric intake until after I eat one or two (okay, the bag) of M & M’s.

A person must be ever-vigilant!  For instance, consider two pieces of mail per day put aside until “later.”  Two times six days of the week that mail is delivered = 12 pieces of mail per week.  Multiplied by four weeks per month = 48 pieces of mail!  OH, Lord have mercy…doesn’t that happen with the blasted calories, too? 

Focus.  Determination.  Diligence. 

Was that my phone?  A text?  An email?  A Tootsie Roll?  A cup of coffee sure sounds good……

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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2 Responses to House Cleaning is Like Dieting

  1. Janie Fox says:

    I own too many tubs. thanks for the reminder. Dang you.

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