Finding my Passion

There is a lot of talk, discussion and writing about finding one’s passion.  Here is my loose summation of my research.  Once a person finds their passion, they are set for life!  It will define their career, lead to wealth, raise relationships to a higher level, set the highest possible example of living with integrity to your children, open doors to television shows, make curved roads straight, result in weight loss and eliminate the need for wrinkle cream.  Well, holy cow!  No wonder there is so much interest and searching for passion.

So.  Uhm…. what if I don’t know what my passion is?  Will my kids still be productive, responsible members of society?

What if my passion is taking a good nap?  Or reading a good book that someone else passionately wrote?  If I embrace those passions…can I make millions doing either?  If I do not succeed, does that mean I wasn’t passionate enough of a napper or reader?

Passion = Pressure

I am really passionate about having a good time and laughing…  Maybe I could become a professional sitcom audience member and people will hear my cackle in the background.  My kids will be mortified.  However, if they find their passions, they will be too busy to watch mindless sitcoms, anyway.

Wait a minute… now I might be on to something.  Maybe I should help my family members find their passions.  They can make millions, influence world leaders and be so busy being productive that they won’t notice I am passionately reading a book until I drift into a passionate slumber.

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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