There’s a Mouse in my House

There’s a mouse in my house.

I’m no Dr. Seuss – and it’s making me grouse.

Of all the rotten, no-good, dirty tricks,

it found my M&Ms to get his kicks!

The box-chewing, poo-dropping, M&M snacking

really got this girl’s brain a wracking.

How on earth did this happen?!

I have two housecats that need to get snappin’!

My son helped me set a trap one night.

We laid out our ploy of M&M’s and peanut butter to seal the buggar’s plight.

The next morning?  M&Ms GONE!  Peanut butter licked clean!

Then, I was ready to just get mean.

One more time…a bit more wise…

The trap was again clean; this time sprung, but still no prize.

That’s it!  I could no longer sacrifice M&Ms. They are gone…

It was time for the big dog, D-Con.


There is a stink beneath my sink.


About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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6 Responses to There’s a Mouse in my House

  1. Sounds like my house. I think we’ve killed an entire mouse family living behind the warm oven. And they still keep coming back.

  2. cowgirliz says:

    You know, if the darn mice wouldn’t go after my chocolate, we might be friends. But no. The have to go for my chocolate chips.
    D-Con does the job. It helps to find the body before it gets stinky though. If you leave it long enough though, it will quit stinking.

  3. Sheree says:

    We set a trap… well, my husband did. I heard my cat meowing and meowing and couldn’t find her. I opened every cupboard in the area in case she had gotten into them. Nope. Calling to her and hearing her respond finally brought me to the stove. The poor cat sounded weak like she’d been stuck there for a while and was dispairing of rescue. I had to pull the whole stove all the way out and discovered that’s where my husband had set the trap. The mouse had been in there for a while and had started to smell enough to get one of our cats’ attention and the space was so narrow that she got stuck. Curiosity almost made the cat sick from the funk of a dead mouse. Boy was she glad to be let out.

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