Balance = Peace

Where have I been?  I sure haven’t been writing…

The warm treat of early-spring weather (it’s actually been more like early-summer) has taken me outside as much as possible.  Even so, too much of the time it has been work-work-work.  Quite a few extra hours at the paying-job has gotten me way out of balance.  Work on our little, 5-acre ‘stead always seems to get pushed aside.  The chores, of course, get done but what about all the other projects I want to tackle? 

Finding balance.  Is it possible?

The daily routine of rushing – doing chores, off to work, running errands, making meals, doing laundry, attending activities, being involved in the community then back home to do chores again, then collapsing on the couch for a little vegging before setting the alarm clock to do it all again has a rhythm.  It can definitely be a pattern or habit.  It is probably adrenalin-producing.  Then, I find myself craving time at home.  Yes, craving. 

The slowing down process almost causes me anxiety.  Last night, I decided I would make a small fire, sit in a lawn chair and relax.  I lit the fire.  Then I decided to pick up sticks in the yard to add to the fire. 

Whoops!  I remembered I was supposed to be relaxing.  My son came out to chat before he left for Youth Group.  He left and I wandered off to look at the rough little building nearby that desperately needs something done to it.  Hmmmm, chicken coop?  Last summer’s dead weeds need knocked down… there were enough sticks and dried up weeds to start another little fire over in that area… while I was out there anyway.  2nd fire started. 

Whoops!  I’m supposed to sit down and watch the mesmerizing embers of the first fire and appreciate the beautiful evening sky.  I sat.  The dogs came to visit.  They seemed to enjoy me taking more time with them than just the standard pat on the head they usually get as I do chores.  Thinking of the dogs… really, it is time to clean up that corner of the yard with the dog pen in it.  We don’t use it anymore.  Look at all those sticks that have fallen into the fence… might as well add them to the fires.  Putter-putter.

Eventually, I started to slow down and listen to the evening sounds.  A train in the distance, birds still chirping, the fire crackling, frogs singing about spring – or attracting a mate – whatever frogs make their noises about. 

Amazing, beautiful evening.  A gift from God.  How many gifts do we rush past and not notice each and every day?

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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2 Responses to Balance = Peace

  1. Beautiful post. And I have been wondering about you and hoping all is well. A blogging schedule should be set by the blogger, but I found myself hoping to hear from you. I’m so glad I have. (Can I also say how envious I am that you have weather that makes you want to be outside? It has snowed here the past two days.)

    • crazymom2011 says:

      Thank you for reading and wondering! Snow….make sure you blog about that! Maybe you have, I’ll check on that. You will definitely appreciate spring when it arrives. Have a beautiful day.

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