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Moat of Bleah

My energy level drops as soon as I get home from work.  All the to-do’s I saw in the morning’s hustle and bustle seem way too large to tackle.  I have accepted my lack of time to organize and clean … Continue reading

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Mow, mow, mow the yard…maybe not.

I enjoy mowing.  Maybe because the results are immediately obvious and it stays mowed longer than my house stays clean.  Maybe because I can’t hear anyone and no one bothers me when I am mowing.  I enter my own little … Continue reading

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Friends & Flowers

Flowers brighten my yard and my mood – friends brighten my life. All winter I look forward to spring and flowers popping up. I plant bulbs in the fall to help make sure I have early flowers to enjoy. I … Continue reading

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Shine Anyway

If anyone ever asked me for words of wisdom {and since they haven’t I’ll blog them 😉 }, I would say: Be nice.  If “nice” seems too much of a stretch, be polite.  It’s not that hard and if it … Continue reading

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Five Stages of Grief – What about Shock?

I know the research says there are 5 stages of grief. Denial.  Anger.  Bargaining. Depression.  Acceptance. I do not doubt those stages; but, holy cow, I remember being knocked off my feet by the shock and resounding shock waves from … Continue reading

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