That ugly word, again…


My Mom was diagnosed this week.  She feels great.  Looks great.  Acts great.  A mammogram was questioned.  Then a few more pictures.  Then a sonogram.  We chose to go with the thought process of, “They are just being cautious.”  A needle biopsy showed good reason for the extra tests and caution.

It’s early.  Now we choose to go with that.

We will carry on.  I realized I had fallen back into the self-absorbed world of making plans.  I know better than that. 

Priorities.  “Things” that are not priorities will move to where they belong – the bottom of my worry list and the last to get my time. 

I do not ask for anyone’s sympathy; but I would sure appreciate prayers. 


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7 Responses to That ugly word, again…

  1. You certainly have my prayers. You’re not self-absorbed to make plans. That’s what we do. Cancer just doesn’t give a rip about plans. My mother-in-law died of lung cancer over a year ago, and my father-in-law is having a terrible time adjusting mostly because he planned to leave this world first. I admire your outlook on life and the perspective that you bring to your blog. I have enjoyed reading it immensely. -Jennifer

  2. Ed says:

    I will pray for your mom. God is good !

  3. Melinda says:

    Oh no -You and your Mom are in my prayers……Hang in there-You have proven to be a tough cookie!

  4. bornbyariver says:

    best wishes, and hang in there. waiting is hard

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