Travel 101

1. Wear a helmet. I managed to bonk my head twice on the trip to New Orleans. One bonk got me a collective gasp from the other plane-passengers. Yeesh…

2. Run away from rum. Pretty, fruity, slushy drinks are killers the next morning.

3. When packing, leave room for the shoes I will purchase on the trip. Or just make sure you pack uber comfy shoes…but buying some on the trip is perfectly acceptable travel etiquette.

4. Never underestimate how cold the conference room(s) will be. I know they do this to keep us awake (refer to #2). However, when you are in a session for energy efficiency….it seems ironic.

5. Don’t forget ALL your $1 bills for the vending machine. No one can carry that many quarters anymore. You would never make it through airport security!

6. Embrace your naivete! I was wide-eyed on Bourbon Street. And I got good advice from someone that appeared to be a pan-handler. He said, “Don’t walk around with that open!” as I walked with my travel-wallet open as I searched for something.

7.  “Breathe in; Breathe out.”  Best advice I’ve heard when traveling.  I witnessed what appeared to be a snooty lady on a mission to get some information at the airport.  She charged up to the boarding desk and fired her questions.  The man at work said, “Breathe in; Breathe out.  You’re good.”  I laughed out loud…then realized no one around me was watching the exchange.

8.  People-watch!!  Have fun observing.

Maybe I’ll be able to add to this after my sister, the boys and I go to Los Angeles!!


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