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Morning (attempt at) Photography

Yesterday morning I attempted to photograph the morning dew, sparkling in the sunrise, on my flowers.  The flowers, I determined, look better from a distance (which is not unlike me …). A cloud then passed over my subject. A gray … Continue reading

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Here’s How I Roll

I believe in working hard and taking time to smell the roses.  It isn’t all or nothing.  The challenge is balance. The other day I was the last to leave the office.  I couldn’t find the keys to the Trailblazer.  With … Continue reading

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Censored! ;)

Well, it has happened.  I’ve been censored.  No, the Associated Press or Blog Police haven’t caught up with me.  It’s my husband.  My dear pig-farmer.  I wasn’t censored because I was inaccurate.   I was censored because he didn’t want … Continue reading

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One Weed at a Time

For reasons I can only mark up to TENACITY, the weeds are trying to overtake our little ol’ farm.  I have been somewhat amazed by the weeds on the east side of our open-sided, east-facing livestock barn.  They have slowly stalked … Continue reading

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August Ramblings

I took a trip to the Adirondack chairs Friday night with a glass of wine.  Pig-farmer joined me.  We laughed; more than we have in awhile.  It was good. After the sweltering heat wave of 2012, we are being blessed … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Happy!

I’ve felt a little sad of late with several contributing factors adding to my melancholy mood.  This morning, I stumbled to the kitchen at 5:40 a.m., defiantly not getting up at 5:30.  (I’ll show that mean ol’ alarm clock…) Horrors!  … Continue reading

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If I Look Confused

If I look confused, it’s because I’m thinking.  ~Samuel Goldwyn Now that is a quote I can relate to.   My youngest son, Dakota, once asked me why I had two lines between my eyebrows. >:} I said, “One for Levi; one … Continue reading

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