Little things

My boys have both had colds recently.  Summer colds always surprise me.  Last week, the oldest requested Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup and grilled cheese to help him feel better.  He said it is one of the things he really misses when he is away at college – my making of this simple, comfort food.  (Folks, it is all about the little things in life…)  One night this week, it was the same menu due to the youngest son’s cold.

While I prepared the grilled cheese, I fervently kept studying the doppler radar on my iPad.  We were surely-goodness-and-mercy going to get rain!  I would stir the soup, butter some bread, update the radar, study the sky from the window, flip a sandwich, study the radar… and then, it began.  The sky broke loose with it’s drops of manna!  And it continued through our dinner and while I washed dishes (still haven’t replaced the dishwasher…still saving the $$….).  I then stepped out onto my front porch and began to move flower pots within reach of the rain.  My youngest came out on the porch to join me.  🙂  Life is good.

I remembered the blessing that was given before the lunch at a meeting I was at the day of the rain.  The blessing was given by a person that I admire for his upbeat, positive outlook that he radiates.  It was a sincere blessing of thanks and a humble request for rain.  I think maybe it was not coincidence that it rained a few short hours later.  I hope the other meeting-attendees were as blessed as I.

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1 Response to Little things

  1. Kelly Hamm says:

    As I was driving home from the meeting that day I too was thinking about Ken’s blessing as I watched the dark sky. I knew my stomping ground wasn’t going to get hit by raindrops but others were surely going to be blessed with it! I’m glad you were one of them!

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