August Ramblings

I took a trip to the Adirondack chairs Friday night with a glass of wine.  Pig-farmer joined me.  We laughed; more than we have in awhile.  It was good.

After the sweltering heat wave of 2012, we are being blessed with an Indian Spring.  {Note: I made that term up. 😉 } The windows are open.  The rain has allowed the grass to green up from its desert-like funk and is being mowed again…and I don’t think anyone minds!  My Mom’s dogwood tree bloomed last week after going dormant in the drought.  She thought it was dead, as the leaves turned brown and dropped.  I see Surprise Lillies popping up around town (really surprising for August in Illinois)!  Nature truly has some resiliant qualities.

Saturday, we picked up our home-grown pork that we had processed by the Amish.  (Home-grown, yes.  Home-butchered?  Ewww, no!)  I agreed to ride along because I love seeing the Amish farms.  I couldn’t tell what the pumpkin crop would be like, but I saw green pumpkin vines in the fields which sort of surprised me.  Later, I decided I could safely burn a pile of sticks and branches that has been growing all summer.  I meant to tackle the mess I call my bedroom, but couldn’t stay inside.  🙂  Oh darn….the dust bunnies dodged a bullet and will survive to multiply a little longer.

Saturday night we dined on our home-grown (Amish-processed) pork chops.  Soooo tender and juicy!  Sunday, we sampled the most delish bacon.  I will soon have the hams of our porker.  Why isn’t that a desirable trait on me!?!

Today … Monday:  Well, I took a picture of my son on his first day of his last year of high school. Hmmmpf.  I guess it is what it is – which really is a good thing. I know… he’s maturing into a fine, young man…ya-da-ya-da…. But still, Senior year of high school!?   Sigh.  I might as well embrace and enjoy it.  It’s here.  At least we BOTH get to have SENIOR moments??

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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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2 Responses to August Ramblings

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could burn the pile of mess in our rooms too? I’ve been avoiding the upstairs at our place for a week now.. somehow if I just go upstairs after dark and come downstairs right away in the morning, I don;t have to think about it.

    My kids seem to be growing up fast too. My oldest is going into grade 7 this year and it doesnt seem possible.

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