Censored! ;)

Well, it has happened.  I’ve been censored.  No, the Associated Press or Blog Police haven’t caught up with me.  It’s my husband.  My dear pig-farmer.  I wasn’t censored because I was inaccurate.   I was censored because he didn’t want me to shake a hornets’ nest.

I knew when I wrote a blog (not-yet-published) about the “Disintegration of Dads” I would have to let him read it before I posted it.  Darn it.  Mind you, I was not being negative about him in anyway.  I was, as he said, “very honest” about what I perceive to be the sad state of the division of parenting in the case of divorce.  He wants to ponder the blog more.   Darn it.

I do not believe all divorced parents parent badly.  I do not believe all married parents parent well.  I do see that too often a divorced dad, non-custodial, gets the short end of the parenting stick.  They are to provide money.  Period.

Oh wait…provide money and shut-up.  I’m not good at the shutting-up part.

It makes me angry.  I believe it is affecting our society in a negative way.  I believe in the institution of DAD.  Kids need to have limits and boundaries.  It is okay to know that the buck stops somewhere.  I was raised during a time period when it was perfectly acceptable to say, “My Dad (or parents) won’t let me do (or go) _____________.”   How unreasonable of them.  When I did get to go/do, it was perfectly, predictably, acceptable (although not always appreciated) of my parents to check up on me and/or expect information.  Not cooperating was, of course a possibility.  Just not a very smart one.  It had consequences.  Consequences I didn’t like.  Consequences that most assuredly violated my privacy and free-will.

Ask someone that has been in the school system for 30 years if they have noticed a change or shift.  Ask them if it has been positive or negative.  Ask what they attribute it to (in addition to “teaching to the test”).

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