Angry Hams

Saturday I royally ticked off my hamstrings.  They took revenge by restricting and contracting.  My morning walk, a fast clip for an hour including a steep hill, followed by a lot of bending-over-weeding of flower beds made me realize on Sunday that I am not in shape.  The cellulite on the backs of my thighs is there, not just to torture and disgust me, but because I have allowed it to move in, baggage and all.  I am pretty sure that Happy (the donkey) was hee-hawing at the sight of my derriere flagging all those who drove by Saturday while I worked.

Weeds…I know how to evict.  Sore muscles that make me say, “Ow-wuh-uh-uh…” every time I bend over to retrieve something off the ground … not so much.  But, I have gotten pretty good at snagging items with my toes and flipping them up to my hands so that I don’t have to bend over.  🙂  My hamstrings are working hard at convincing me to sit. Just sit.

I confirmed my fear with my mom this morning that now is the time to split up and move my perennials that are over-growing onto the sidewalk.  (Darn it…)  I am trying to devise a way I can do that without bending over.  Obviously, I need to do these bending-over activities daily as obviously my muscles forgot their purpose (besides keeping me level on my chair in the office).

Do serious gardeners have svelte, toned hamstrings?

Will tonight’s gardening foray make me lovingly anticipate winter?

Will Happy hee-haw at me?

Will Happy have his apple-treats thrown at him tonight?

Wait…what was that noise??

Just my hams squealing and screaming.

If I record the sounds, I could probably have a great soundtrack for a haunted house that I could sell.

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4 Responses to Angry Hams

  1. Ouch! I’m more of an armchair gardener myself. I leave the heavy stuff up to the husband. Saves wear and tear on me. I’m not as bendy as I used to be.

  2. crazymom2011 says:

    Good plan! I do feel 100% recuperated today, thankfully.

  3. An hour walk is very impressive. Good for you!

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