Septically Yours,

I’m a saver.  I have containers for change in at least three rooms of the house.  I have an auto-deposit into Christmas and Vacation accounts.  The vacation fund usually ends up going toward my propane contract and real estate taxes… Whooowheee… We vacation on the wild side!

I am thankful for my saving-nature; especially when nature calls.  You see, we are in the process of having our septic system replaced.  Yes, some people save for jewels (I did get a crown this year … on my tooth), cruises or island vacations.  We country-folk needed a new septic system.  Ours was antique (but not in a good way) and causing problems.  Throughout the summer’s heat and drought we had a green stripe of grass flagging the problematic area.

One Sunday morning, my youngest took a shower upstairs.  It consequently drained into the downstairs kitchen sink.  Kitchen sinks are not designed to hold the amount of water used by a teenager in a shower.  Upon leaving for Sunday School, he noticed the problem.  He didn’t want to be late for Sunday School.  When pig farmer and I got home from church, we found a small pond on our kitchen floor, bordered by one bath towel and a hand full of paper towels to thwart the spread of the pond.  I was on the verge of going into septic shock.

The next morning I was on the horn early, sending out an SOS to our plumber… our back-burner project was now at emergency status (as far as I was concerned)!

This week we are in full digging/trenching/plumbing/septic mode.  I can honestly say our savings have gone to the sh!tter.  And I’m thankful.

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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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6 Responses to Septically Yours,

  1. Janie Fox says:

    Oh we had to do that a few years ago. We tend to vacation like you do. I need a crown but have a temp patch job for now. I try to not over smile so it doesn’t show. LOL

  2. lori says:

    You are so witty Marla. When bad things happen it always happens at once. Yes, we also had to sock quite a bit into our septic. We actually put in a completely different system. Well you can at least check that off of the to do list. I love taking a vacation and I know it is very hard to hear jim say well that was our vacation. So i understand why a person would try to put it off and maybe do something else with the money. Tell pig farmer hello

  3. What a pain! Country living at it’s best.

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