Photo Friday

I enjoyed my Photo Friday last week and decided to continue.

To follow up from last week – I learned something!

These snow-capped golf balls…

turn into these ordinary toadstools.

I decided to add a visual to the theme “Here’s How I Roll”  ~











  • The tin was originally purchased for the barn.  I decided to brighten our kitchen with it for awhile first.
  • The Joy is a reminder that yes, indeed, you can have joy while doing the dishes.
  • Daily, Just Make the Coffee.  Find your “coffee.”  It will give you a reason to get up and moving.

For two weeks, I’ve been walking past the tubs of Fall/Halloween decor that I carried down from upstairs – not yet finding the energy at the same moments (seconds?) I have time.  Nature decided to help me:


I have posted previously that spiders give me the heebie jeebies.  Okay, they pretty much make the knot at the end of my rope that I precariously cling to come unraveled.  This monster moved onto my deck by the back door.  I was talking to the 105-lb. dog when I saw it. I wish I could think of the right combination of letters to type to let you imagine the sound I made… It was not a human sound.  In fact, the beagle, which wasn’t in sight, began baying.  Now, my Dad always said this type of spider was a “good” spider and not to kill them.  Not to worry.  I would not get close enough to it to kill it (thank you Nikon zoom lens).  When I was a kid, these beasts would camp out on our grape arbor and taunt me while I was mowing.  I would leave huge 1/2 circles unmowed in respect of their domain.

Also this week – our new landscaping project – a.k.a. our septic system:

I am glad it is installed.  Not so glad for the mess.

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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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2 Responses to Photo Friday

  1. Photo Friday is Phonetically Fun!
    That spider is the scariest thing I’ve seen. I had to consciously try NOT to look at it while I read the rest of the post. But it called to me….”Looook. Just one look, my pretty. Come a little closer.” I’m seriously freaked out.

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