And now, I scurry.

Sometimes my best work gets done under pressure.  The sun is setting earlier.  We’ve had our first, light frost.  I’m a bit like a squirrel harvesting nuts; scurrying about to get my work done before winter blows in, freezes my toes and sends me into self-induced hibernation.  There was a little summer-procrastination on some outside projects until it wasn’t so blasted hot.  I don’t like to paint when the sweat is dripping faster than my ice cream is melting.

And now, I scurry.

I took some time off work Monday to come home and … work.  In a few short hours, I bought supplies (and yes, the painting supplies at ACE…right next to County Market…included donuts…darnit), water-sealed the west deck (I won’t elaborate but I will just briefly mention that pig farmer assured me that he would “take care of the decks!” {insert eyes rolling}), wire-brushed and primed the propane tank.    I was determined to treat that propane tank’s nasty case of leprosy.  Now, it will be quick work some sunny evening or Saturday afternoon to slap a couple coats of glossy white paint on the tank.  It will look look like a big roll of fluffy, white toilet paper next to our new septic system….and the muddy mess left behind.  We were told to “let it settle” then work the ground and seed the grass next spring.  Lovely.

I have more outside projects left on my to-do list than I am afraid I will be able to accomplish after work and on weekends.  After all, my son invited me over to his college parents’ weekend this Saturday .  Can’t miss that for a little ol’ work.

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7 Responses to And now, I scurry.

  1. Isn’t it funny how we have to take time off work to get more work done? I think there’s a saying that “a mother’s work is never done”. So true.

  2. lori c says:

    You know Marla sometimes it just has to wait until next spring or summer. Do what you can but I always have projects that tend to carry over. Husband just doesnt see the importance sometimes like I do. Have fun at Eastern and tell kids hello.

  3. Aisha says:

    Wow. You sound like you have a busy life, I hope you manage to take a tiny bit of time for yourself. I’m exactly the same when it comes to working my best under pressure! It’s a frustratingly exciting feeling! Ironically the more pressure we’re under, the more productive we are.

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