Change is a-happening.

Have you ever noticed that excitement can feel a lot like nervousness?

My pig-farmer husband is starting his new job today.  That is exciting!  I am really happy for him (and us) as he is raring to go.

(By the way, we currently do not have pigs, but he is still pig-farmer to me as I watch him work around our 5-acres…and in the house.)

Hubby has two personas.  Ag-lender and pig-farmer.  “Pig-farmer” came about because a contractor that was remodeling in a building that hubby used to have an office in was only used to seeing him in dressed-up, ag-lender mode.  One day, pig-farmer showed up on a brief errand.  The contractor didn’t recognize him!  (I really need to post pictures…)  When the contractor gave him new keys to use, she wrote “pig-farmer” on the key tag; she was so amused by the change-up of appearances.

My nervousness (instead of excitement) is because this job will mean a home-office and a lot of travel.  Right now the house is in major disarray because he pulled everything out of a spare bedroom and plopped, piled and stacked said items into the main living areas of the house in order to paint and reorganize.  I have managed to keep the kitchen free from the effects of his project, but that is about the only area I was able to salvage from destruction impact.  I am a little nervous (thru past experience) that the home office might never get “finished” and the rest of the house might never return to normal!  And I use the word ‘normal’ very loosely, at that.

I might be a tidge nervous about the amount of travel involved.  No, not because I am scared when he’s away, but because of his love of pigs.  I had to ix-nay any thoughts of restocking our little barn with sows when he accepted this job.  At least for awhile.  Sows and farrowing piglets is labor-intensive.  Hard work never hurt anyone; but when you are trying to do the work by yourself, in the early-morning hours, before going to the job that actually pays money – and in the evening hours, after paying-job, around kids’ schedules, extra curriculars, making supper, washing dishes, doing laundry, attending meetings, etc. then the sows become curse-worthy.  This doesn’t even include the emergencies that occur at odd hours and the fact that farrowing baby pigs doesn’t happen on my schedule AND the fact that I can’t “just check on the pigs on your lunch hour” without absorbing their pig-smell into every hair, skin and clothing pore and fiber.  My co-workers would not appreciate the scent of eau-de-swine swirling throughout the building.

I’ve also noticed a tidge bit of difference when a husband travels for work compared to when a wife travels for work.  I pack at the last minute, after trying to make sure that everyone else’s schedules are planned and accounted for.  He packs two days in advance, placing his suitcase in front of my dresser.  After all, he doesn’t want it to be in his way…  When I travel, groceries are bought pre-trip and at least some of the laundry is complete … and I’m finishing my laundry the morning I am packing.  I usually do not make it all the way home before someone calls to ask, “What we are having for dinner?” and “Did you know we are out of milk??!”  Oh yes, there was also the time I was driving home from the airport and I received a call from pig-farmer.  He was stammering around somewhat.  The conversation went something like this:

“Uhm, not that you would … but when you get home … uhm, you may not want ….  I mean… you should NOT open the basement door and go down there.”


“Well, you aren’t going to believe this … but when I went down there this morning … there was a possum!”

“What did you do with it?”

“Well, uhm, that’s the thing.  I didn’t do anything because she had babies on her …”


But, I digress.  At a later time, I  will have to write a blog about the possum-rodeo that resulted …..

Nerves, excitement.  Call it what you will.  Life is an adventure and I choose to enjoy it.  Change is a-happening; but I will still make the coffee!

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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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8 Responses to Change is a-happening.

  1. Pam says:

    I remember working with the pigs. I didn’t mind the work. The babies are so cute and have quite the personalities. The sows well need I say more. The sows got out one time and ended up in Meg’s wading pool. What a sight to see a big sow in the middle of the pool. I let her enjoy her swim in the heat. I do like being able to not worry about the summer heat and hogs. This would have been a bad one with the heat and lack of rain. : )

    • crazymom2011 says:

      The pigs are cute! The sows … can be beasts! I never forget they are carnivorous. 😉 OH, and how I would love to see pictures of that sow in the wading pool…. the heat is a true enemy of pigs.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m glad you’re still making the coffee. Coffee is so important in dealing with whatever gets thrown our way. Seriously. As for the pigs…..the eau de swine does indeed infiltrate every crack, crevice, oriface and pore…..and if Pig Farmer’s not going to be there morning, noon and midnight to help then there needs to be a big sign on the barn door “No Pigs!” Once again, thanks for sharing….and yes, post pictures and don’t forget to tell us about that ‘possum!

    • crazymom2011 says:

      Pigs … I can handle a couple of feeder pigs or 4-H pigs. It is multiple sows having litters of 10 – 12 …that soon fill the barn with 50 quickly growing, enormous appetites … and their by-product … that send me over edge! Thanks for the support!!

  3. lori says:

    I really got a good laugh out of this. I could picture the piles in the living room. Also the importance of his suitcase being in the way. I have to laugh because he is a guy but also bc he is my brother and nothing you ever say surprises me. So if it takes make people laugh to keep you sane than you keep it coming. I thoroughly enjoy it. But I agree its either job or pigs. He cant have both if he is not going to be home. But some how I feel there wil eventually be pigs in there bc that is just who he is “pig-farmer” You got to love him..:)

    • crazymom2011 says:

      Lori – you are so right – you got to love him! You are also right about feeling there will eventually be pigs … because no matter how much he dresses up – he’s a pig-farmer at heart! We’ll keep laughing….

  4. For a brief moment I wanted to get some pigs, but then our neighbors started telling me how much work is involved. Unlike many people who live the country life, I really don’t like hard, physical labor. I’d rather take a picture or write a story about someone else working hard. 🙂

  5. crazymom2011 says:

    A feeder pig or two to provide a freezer of meat isn’t too much work. I love your honesty about not really liking hard, physical labor! It made me laugh. There’s nothing wrong with that … you make bread in the early morning hours – which is inspiring!

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