Dazed by an earworm.

Gasp!  I just learned I have an earworm…

Wait – before you grab the hand sanitizer and trip while retreating so hastily, let me explain.

It is the term for when a song gets stuck in your head.  I had no idea!

I recently wrote an article for work which will be in the Illinois Country Living magazine’s December issue.  In trying to be creative, I was pulling verses and phrases from Christmas songs and stories and turning them into energy efficiency and safety tips.  As a side effect, I got the 12 Days of Christmas stuck in my head … forever!  Earworm!  I hum it, sing it and whistle it. I also have cursed it.  It dazed me (get it?  12 Days … daze … Sorry, it’s how I roll).

My earworm version consists of a long, drawn-out, “5 gollldennnn riiinnnngggs” which jumps straight into a super-quick, “andapartridgeinapeartree.”

There.  You are humming it, aren’t you?  Heh, heh, heh.

After all, Christmas is about giving…. 😉

About Marla Rose

This blog documents farm life in central Illinois with photographs and various ideas/adventures that come my way. My hope is to make you laugh (or at least smile) and appreciate this life!
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3 Responses to Dazed by an earworm.

  1. Very catchy title. When I saw it this morning in my inbox, my first thought was Eeewww! Then…is this what I have to look forward to since I moved to the country? Some weird bug that I’m going to lget? I felt better (and safer) after I read the entire post. 🙂 Btw…I’d love to read the article you wrote if you feel like passing it on.

    • crazymom2011 says:

      Lol! Nope, it isn’t a countrified disease!! But, you may catch it, all the same. 🙂

      I will post the article or email it to you. I’m at a conference right now, but will try to remember. Thanks for asking!

  2. poker heaven says:

    What’s up, I log on to your new stuff daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep up the good work!

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