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Old red truck

The old red truck.  Every little farm needs one.  They are sort of like an old farm dog … reliable (sort of – if in the cooperating mood), ready for a drive in the country, don’t mind getting dirty, up for … Continue reading

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A link to work

One of the responsibilities that I love most about my job is that I get to contribute to our publication’s monthly news.  Our electric cooperative has a newsletter insert (Shelby News) into the monthly, statewide magazine, Illinois Country Living.  I … Continue reading

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Grace – Strength – Wisdom

There came a time during my first husband’s 2-year fight with glioblastoma multiforme – brain cancer, that I felt my prayers were going unanswered.  Not all of them, but definitely the prayers for a miracle to be granted.  I was … Continue reading

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Daily Hope … and who doesn’t need a little of that?

I want to recommend the following link that my pig-farmer found.  I have it set up to be delivered to my personal/home email daily.  It’s often a much-needed boost; so I want to share: This particular devotional is Five … Continue reading

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Blessings and Deep Breaths

Stress relief: Count your blessings. Practice gratitude.  It will develop and grow like a muscle with exercise.  Journal it, pray it, say it, love it, live it.  Find your way(s) to practice it. I’ve noticed people posting blessings on Facebook … Continue reading

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Here’s how I roll #3 An Autumn Edition

I can’t park straight.  I can actually, sometimes, successfully parallel park, but my non-parallel park job at work usually looks like I am attempting diagonal park within a normal space. I love the smell of crunchy, fall leaves. I do not … Continue reading

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