The weekend is in my rearview mirror or Sunday evening blues

The bad thing about having a really good weekend is that it can make you not want to start a new work week. I sometimes get the Sunday evening blues. They come after a weekend of relaxation and unwinding. It’s a lack of eagerness to start the chaos of the week. The view in my rearview mirror is good:

Saturday, pig farmer and I drove to Arthur, the nearby Amish community, to pick up some beef cuts we had ordered. I remembered to take my camera as I had been snapping pictures that morning and got a couple of good pics (which I will share in another blog … as I am too lazy right now to do the work required for that). Once home – a sweet nap, laundry and puttering. The most relaxing of days.

Today: roast, baked potatoes and veggies for Sunday dinner after church and Sunday school. Then, the youngest and I worked on college papers and scholarship applications. :/ How did this happen? How is my youngest almost 18??

Although the snow lingers, pig farmer and I decided to walk since it was sunny and calm. I grumbled on the way out the back door about how the snow should have been shoveled off instead of being walked on and packed down. As I walked to the car, I crossed a small, snow-packed, ice-crusted drift and went boom. Another dose of gracefulness, as one leg shot out at 90 degree angle from my hip and the other leg folded and went down into the drift, knee first. Somehow, by the grace of God I suppose, pig farmer managed not to laugh. Had it been reversed, I would not have had the restraint. After the walk, I broke up and shoveled off a path and cleared the back deck. A gorgeous full moon was working its way upward in the east sky. Pause and appreciate.

Graceful I am not. Resilient, I suppose I am. Watch out Monday, here I come.

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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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2 Responses to The weekend is in my rearview mirror or Sunday evening blues

  1. At least the snow drift caught your fall. This seems to be coming a habit. Are you purposely trying to make me laugh?

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