Muddy thoughts; Muddy ramblings

Beautiful snows, spring flowers and rainbows, summer gardens and fall leaves ….. beauty everywhere.

Then, there is mud. We need the rain to replenish the earth from the drought of 2012. But the mud?

Hunter, is the big, black dog. He gets his snout muddy. Then, when I walk to my SUV in the mornings, he gooses me with his muddy nose … not pretty.

Muddy tracks across the dining room floor because someone is too busy to take their shoes off. Not pretty.

The lack of color. Not pretty. But it won’t be long …

Sometimes it is such a glorious day, you can’t find fault with it. The challenge, however, is finding the beauty in the mud.

My mud this is week is that I don’t want to go to a conference when my oldest is home from college on spring break. I’m grateful, however, that he is home for more company for my youngest. I’m only gone two nights. It will be fine. Right?

Another muddy area for me is an area that needs change. I have tried to be proactive and not (just) whine; but to offer do-able, workable, no-cost solutions. Solutions, however, are not be implemented, apparently. Therefore, the change must occur with me. I hope the water will clear so I know what direction to take.

My old SUV’s, passenger-side door, has an internal injury. It just began sounding like a goose got on a microphone … at full-volume with interference: SKEE-RONK-ONK!! My oldest son helped me run errands Saturday (:)). When he heard the door, he looked at me in shock and disbelief. “I know…I squirted it with WD-40,” I said. Not pretty because that is the end of my talent … if WD-40 doesn’t fix it, what will? It doesn’t need baling wire or duct tape. Chocolate??

I found a leak in the bathroom along the shower wall which is making the flooring wet. I told pig farmer. He told me I was throwing too much at him. I can’t remember what else I threw to him. I might have suggested that when someone tracks mud in, someone should clean it up, but I digress.

Snowmen and winter greenery were boxed and returned to storage this weekend. Easter and spring decorations have begun to pop up in my house, whispering of sunny spring days, with a little less mud. The cleaning didn’t hurt the house or my mood, either. With cleaning can come clarity.

The mud will dry and I believe the muddy area I am struggling with will clear soon. In the meantime, I’ll be in the SUV with the geese following in a V above me.

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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6 Responses to Muddy thoughts; Muddy ramblings

  1. If only muddy areas of our life could be cleaned as easily as a muddy floor.

  2. 1annecasey says:

    LOL.. You must be doing okay – you have managed to inject a solid dose of laughter into your mud… : ))

  3. Nora says:

    You crack me up with your humor! Love it!!!

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