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8-Day Bus Trip

We became known as, “The Sister Act.” My sister and I, pre-departure: Mid-Trip: End of Trip:

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A beautiful Monday

This morning’s 5:30 sunrise is the new header for my blog page.  It was a good start for a Monday morning.  If the sun would rise this early in the winter, I think I could get up easier on winter mornings! … Continue reading

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Goat Gab

The injured “kid” is healing nicely.  See the scab on his neck?  I couldn’t/wouldn’t post pictures of the wound before.  It needed to stay open (no stitches) so it could drain and it  looked just awful.  Warm compresses with Epsom Salts  really helped the … Continue reading

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What’s in common?

As I scrolled through some pictures I took on Sunday morning … I noticed a common denominator in each picture.  A photo bomb, of sorts.  Gotta have that coffee in the mornings!

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