Dog Days of August

This has pretty much been the forecast for every day this week:

 Tuesday's Forecast Image Hi 94°   Low 73°

with heat index of 100+ degrees.

I’m sorta wishing we were investing in a swimming pool instead of fence and pasture.

I know I won’t mean that for long, though.

We tend to take two steps forward and three (or four, or five) back around here.  Pig-farmer worked his rear off Saturday.  The downed-apple tree is now cleaned up as far as we can take it.  The stump will be ground up and removed when we have some other tree-work completed.






Everything is now ready for the fence-building to begin!

Pig-farmer also stocked us up on hay:

Abigail guarding the hay.

Abigail guarding the hay.

I would like to say I helped unload all that hay.  I attempted to help.  We chose to unload it in the evening (which, considering the heat, made perfect sense) … after I ate a ridiculous amount of Chinese-restaurant takeout (which did not make perfect sense).  I did climb atop the wagon and throw some of the bales down for pig-farmer.  After listening to me moan and groan he suggested that he would finish the job by himself.

That was the “two steps forward.”  The “three steps back” were that my husband’s (he’s only pig-farmer when he’s working at home) aunt passed away after a brief fight with cancer.  From bad things can come good as he/we really appreciated spending time with family.

The ground-work for seeding the pasture resulted in the new septic’s line damage … as I said before about the whole dastardly septic problem … $#it happens.

Plus, my sick/injured pen is now filled by Hunter, my faithful assistant.



It’s a long story – with a chapter or two still to be written (hopefully) – but he was hit by a truck … and I feel completely, horribly, responsible because he was out with me, while I was on the mower, when it happened.  The poor man that hit him was a jewel and stayed with Hunter while I got the truck and he helped me load him (Hunter is 102 lbs.).  Hunter had one procedure that didn’t work and he’s now recuperating at home (so far – s0 g00d) as we weigh the next option.  He gets his meds and Epsom Salts soaks twice a day, is softly bedded on straw with a fan to help with comfort in the heat, the goats are in the neighboring pen for company … and he is his happy, sweet self.

Through it all – I am thankful for being able to be with family during rough days and also during good times.  My Mom and I went to her cancer check-up Monday.  She got a good report and doesn’t have to report back until November!  I am grateful for the time I now have to spend with family & friends and to care for Hunter and any animal on our little farm that needs the extra TLC.  

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4 Responses to Dog Days of August

  1. hollykaann says:

    Your place is looking beautiful. The weather forecast you posted is what it looks like here with a cool front coming in! We will be past 98′ and over 100 most days of the next week. Can’t wait for Fall!

  2. says:

    Oh my, so much has happened! Glad your Mom is doing well. I was just thinking yesterday that, so far as I know, I have been cancer-free for 8 years. I refuse to go back for check-ups because I am NOT putting myself thru chemo/radiation again. God can have me if/when it comes back! Instead of the pool, you are gonna hafta get yourself a sprinkler and play in the water like a kid. Did you put the apple tree on Craigslist to see if any BBQ enthusiasts want it? When we cut our pear tree down, Poppie put it out at the curb, I put it on Craigslist and the very next morning that pear tree was gone at 7:30 am.

    • That is so interesting about your pear tree! I kept several very good logs for weiner roasts; otherwise it went to my Mom’s pond for more fires! I am glad you are doing so well post-treatments (and I understand your feelings!).

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