Farewell October


The wind is rising,

and the air is wild with leaves,

 We have had our summer evenings,

now for October eves!

Humbert Wolfe (1885 – 1940)

October is a fun month and now it will howl out with the wind and rain tonight.  I do not like the early darkness … especially after the time changes Sunday … but I do love being able to adjust to the change easier.  I can adjust chores to the sun’s clock.  The end of Daylight Saving Time used to mean doing chores in the dark in the morning and in the dark at night.  I especially despised getting home late from a meeting, usually toting supper-in-a-bag-or-box, then having to change clothes to go back outside to do chores.

To celebrate Halloween this morning, I decided to be a bit like Pooh and Piglet:


My breakfast was provided by my sister, English teacher extraordinaire!  Let me explain ~ She chooses this time of year to study Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

To top it off … she takes her students these delights:



Who says English can’t be fun!?

To top it off even more … she orders a few extra for special deliveries!  I am supposed to share with my family…. mwah-ha-ha! Yeah, we’ll see about that!

Cookies were made by our sweet, local shoppe ~ Iced!

I plan to enjoy this last day of October … and I hope you do, too!

About Marla Rose

This blog documents farm life in central Illinois with photographs and various ideas/adventures that come my way. My hope is to make you laugh (or at least smile) and appreciate this life!
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4 Responses to Farewell October

  1. pattisj says:

    I like a teacher who makes English (or any class, for that matter) fun. Now you have to share your cookies with US! 😉 I thought it was almost time to turn the clocks back. At least we get the hour of sleep we lost in the spring.

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