Blustery November!

Monday … no list made yet, except the one in my head – which is always longer than the day’s hours.  had no idea for sure where I would begin (besides laundry … always there is laundry).  

We survived yesterday’s nasty wind with only limbs, branches and other items tossed about.  Pig-farmer’s parents weren’t quite that lucky.  Their old, leaning barn took it’s last sigh and collapsed in on itself.  Not much was stored in there any more.  Except lots of memories.  Luckily, those can stay with the family.  I think we should salvage a few boards for future crafts??

As I went about morning chores, I started picking up limbs and branches.  Then, I started raking and burning some leaves that had piled up on the east side of the house.  An hour + later … I had the worst of it done! Not bad, not bad at all.  Now, I probably shouldn’t sit too long or I might freeze up like the Tin Man … lots of bending!

Here are some pics from last week.  More pics of the calf will be coming, soon!




All these leaves were whipped away yesterday.

All these leaves were whipped away yesterday.

The fresh water in a bucket just isn't as tasty as from a puddle.

The fresh water in a bucket just isn’t as tasty as from a puddle.



Let's be friends?

Let’s be friends?


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4 Responses to Blustery November!

  1. says:

    Definitely save some of that barn wood. Monica and Jess do some great stuff on their show, Knock It Off! on the Livewell Network. They can re-do an entire room for less than $200 sometimes. Now you don’t have to rake. The wind did it for you! The calf doesn’t look like he’s so sure about his friendship with the dog. Nice to see Happy in the background.

  2. pattisj says:

    Beautiful photos. That blustery wind makes quick work of the last leaves, doesn’t it?

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