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Sunday’s Reprieve

The arctic cold reared its ugly, frozen head again Sunday evening.  Quiet and calm one minute – roaring, arctic winds the next.  It was eerie.  Unwelcome.  However, we had a wonderfully beautiful, warm (43 degrees) Sunday afternoon!  After Sunday school, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday Slid into Saturday

Some fun photos taken in between (really) cold snaps: I got to have lunch with a good friend yesterday. 🙂 Should have had someone take our picture… Meanwhile, back at the barn: Keep the faith.  Spring really is coming.  At least … Continue reading

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My Hate-Affair with Winter Deepens

Picture a big, fat, pouty face.  Add blue eyes and glasses.  Sprinkle on some freckles, as  though someone is sprinkling paprika on deviled-eggs.  There!  You are getting a pretty good visual of the writer of this blog.   You see, … Continue reading

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Winter’s Claw

Nature is letting us know that we haven’t seen the last of winter.  Winter is determined this year. Everything that had melted and pooled on the top layers of earth, turned the ground squishy and mucky, then hard-froze into place … Continue reading

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Sunday Smiles

The goats are so very entertaining.  For them to perform, they must not know you are watching.  I have a hard time getting pictures of them when they are playing because the goats find watching me entertaining.  I spy on … Continue reading

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Saturday Reflections

I have taken many pictures lately and it will take a couple of blogs to catch up.  Photo Friday was neglected yesterday.  I actually filled-in/substituted at my former place of work.  My plan had been to clean house … and… … Continue reading

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Photo Friday


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