Saturday Reflections

I have taken many pictures lately and it will take a couple of blogs to catch up.  Photo Friday was neglected yesterday.  I actually filled-in/substituted at my former place of work.  My plan had been to clean house … and… well, that can always be pushed to another day.  So, off to work I went.  My brain fired, engaged and actually recalled most of what I needed to do to be somewhat helpful.  It was a good diversion from the week’s sadness to catch up with people I had worked with for nearly seven years.  

The week started with the accidental death of a 23-year old man.  He was the twin brother of my step-daughter’s boyfriend; and uncle of their daughter.  A mother’s heart always aches for her kids, their friends, the parents, siblings and a close-knit neighborhood.  You long for the right words to say in a situation for which there are no right words.  Hugs, “I love you” and “I’m sorry” … It seems inadequate.  It is inadequate.  So, we also make food, to help out and to do something.  Because we know that we can not remove the pain. Moms want to fix the hurt.  Apply the band-aid, hold ice to the lump, administer the appropriate, healing medicine.  Grief, however, must be endured.  There are no quick-fixes.  It is an injury that has to be adapted to … not healed from.

For now – just one picture of the full moon this week as it rose in the eastern sky before darkness settled.


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12 Responses to Saturday Reflections

  1. Beth Ann says:

    What a sad way to start the week. I am so sorry. I agree that there never seem to be words that can really help at times like those but I also think the gift of presence—just being there and allowing the mourners to know that you are there is mightlly important. And to just be able to say” I don’t know what to say to help your pain” is a help. The picture of the moon was fabulous and a perfect way to end the post. I hope your day is filled with happy moments.

  2. MamaChristine says:

    A very sad way to start the week for so many. We need, as loving people, to find some positive in the loss of someone we love. My hope is always a quick end of suffering and transition to a peaceful spot with wings waiting. Have to hold onto something. Hugs to all his family. RIP Eric

  3. dayphoto says:

    It is so sad to lose someone. The words are never enough…never. Your moon photo is does go on…albeit sometimes very sadly.


  4. debweeks says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of this young man’s passing. My heart breaks for the family as I understand all too well the pain they are living.

    I am a mother who has lost a child and can tell you that being there means more than words can adequately express. The hardest days for me were the days following my son’s funeral. While everyone appeared to be going about their lives as normal, my life was far from normal. A call or a note from a friend simply letting me know they were thinking of me and sharing in my sorrow meant the world to me.

    And your picture is simply lovely.

    • You are so right. My first husband died from brain cancer. I have said that when everyone else returns home, to their normal, you have no normal to turn to. It must be developed into a new normal. Over time, it happens, as you well know. The wound heals over somewhat … and we never know when or what may break it open again. The worst would be if we didn’t honor their life by not living ours.

  5. Velva says:

    Most definitely a sad way to start the week.You are right there are no adequate words. We can listen, provide hugs and a shoulder. We can always show our love with a good meal.


  6. pattisj says:

    23 is so young, it’s even harder, if that is possible, to lose someone who has yet to know all the wonderful things a life can hold.

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