At least the sun is shining

March 25, 2014:

In the picture's foreground, you can see the swelling maple buds. At least the tree knows it is "spring."

In the picture’s foreground, you can see the swelling maple buds. At least the tree knows it is “spring.”


I have an on-going fight with a pair of starlings.  They are intent upon building their nest within the lid of my propane tank, which I can observe from my kitchen window.  I have stuffed their access entry with steel wool, but they sometimes succeed in moving it enough to continue.  The other morning I ran outside to make a quick adjustment.  A guy driving by on the road slowed way down and stared.  I waved, wondering if I knew him.  Upon returning to the house, I realized why he was staring…

DSC_0446I live way too close to the road.

On a kinda cool note … I made a book on Shutterfly using pictures I have taken of our animals.  My son is practicum teaching in 2nd grade.  While I was showing him some pictures I had taken, the book idea evolved for something for “his” class; a gift for the teacher he is working with.  Yesterday, he presented it to the class and it was a hit!  🙂  This is probably my favorite picture:

Who needs tissues?

Who needs tissues?

Good lil’ Pumpkin Pie!

I need to get back on the “project” room.  I quit pulling up the flooring the other day when I sprained my wrist.  The wrist feels much better now, it is cold and ucky out; so work will resume.  Here is what the wood floor looks like under the linoleum:

DSC_0365 DSC_0364


I won’t decide until all the flooring is removed … but should I leave it as the painted red or have it sanded and re-done?  Hmmmm, not sure.  Your thoughts?

I hope you enjoy your day – snow, rain, sun or clouds.


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18 Responses to At least the sun is shining

  1. Good morning, I have to say I like the way the red floor looks. I would not sand it all down at all. I can relate to living to close to the road. That is why we have decided to build a bit more in on our property. I know it can’t always be done but we are fortunate that way. Have a great day!

    • Thanks for input. I would love to leave it as-is … just to not have more mess, time, expense! LOL! Plus, there is just something about leaving it the way it was. As more of the floor gets revealed, I hope the decision becomes more clear.

  2. debweeks says:

    I would sand and refinish the floor myself, but it’s all personal preference. And sorry to hear about your wrist.

    Love the cow picture.

    Thought of you this morning when I read a note from someone who is selling off their herd of Boar goats. I think 23 goats in all. Her husband is ill and she just can’t take care of the farm and her husband, so all the animals had to go. The goats are the last to leave.

  3. Farmgirl says:

    That is the coolest floor!! Leave it! Hope your wrist is feeling better.

  4. says:

    Marla – about that snow on the ground … we are due to have 35 degree temps here this week in North Florida. Not happy about that. You know that guy on the road who saw you in your pink jammies just thought you were nutz, especially after you started playing with the propane tank. If the rest of that floor looks as good as what you’ve exposed thus far, I vote for sanding and refinishing which you could probably do yourself with a few rented tools. I’m impressed with what you’ve tackled so far.

    • That will be horribly cold for you! I hope it is very short-lived. We are in the teens this morning. 😦
      I just added another nut to my basket, didn’t I, with the propane tank/bird incident?
      I’m concerned about splinters from the floor … may have to sand.

  5. Dianna says:

    Hi! I’m visiting from Beth Anne’s (congrats on winning her giveaway). After reading just this one post, I think you have a new follower! Love the cow picture (and the caption), and I vote to leave the red floor as is!

  6. Beth Ann sent me over ~ love your photos! 🙂

  7. Wanda Allen says:

    I like the rustic appeal of a red floor. But personally speaking, I would probably refinish the floors and choose a dark color. It certainly does look like a big project! We have a very small room that needs to have the floors refinished and I’m dreading all the work.

  8. pattisj says:

    I know what you mean about living too close to the road. I like the look of the red floor. Sorry to hear about your wrist. My daughter made a book on Shutterfly. I was impressed!

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