The bad (down to 12) and the good

The runt did not survive.  :/  Sunday, I was still hoping.  Monday, I started to face the facts.  Tuesday, reality.  So, there is that.  Just make the coffee and carry on.

Monday, I had the opportunity to speak at our local Rotary meeting.  They are a welcoming, nice, intelligent, fun & funny, kind group of good people from our community.  You all were there with me in a way, as I spoke about blogging.  I was able to brag on my blogging friends and what a neat community it is.  We were able to bring up my blog on the big screen television and take a stroll through the front and back pages of justmakethecoffee.  Thank you fellow bloggers and followers/readers for being part of this blog!  Thank you Jerry for asking me to speak.

Jerry (my host & best friend's husband), Wendy (my best friend and support system), and me

Jerry (my host & best friend’s husband), Wendy (my best friend and support system), and me

Yesterday, after a morning of errands, picking up feed (which I still need to unload – thank you for reminding me) and taking our mower to John Deere, I asked my mom if she wanted to ride along for a drive to scenic, historic, Williamsburg Hill.  My parents farmed just west of there for my entire lifetime … and much of theirs.  Ridge Cemetery at the top of Williamsburg Hill is touted as one of the most haunted places in Illinois.  Nothing creepy happened during our visit, though.  I took a few photos, but none were great.  Maybe the ghosts interfered with my camera.  The colors were so much more vivid than the pictures show.

Williamsburg_Hill_Illinois Ridge_Cemetery_Illinois

LOVE this tree!  Wish I had it in my yard.

LOVE this tree! Wish I had it in my yard.

Isn't it a hoot that my mom wears a "Peace" jacket!?

Isn’t it a hoot that my mom wears a “Peace” jacket!?


 I hope you get to take a little side/road trip in your near future.

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11 Responses to The bad (down to 12) and the good

  1. I don’t know why, but I love walking through old cemeteries. The tree in that one is super cool!

  2. dayphoto says:

    Your history is so far from ours. We weren’t even out of Mexican rule in 1860. Of course, we didn’t even know about the Civil war…


  3. says:

    Sheesh, Marla, you didn’t even tell us WHY it is purported to be one of the most haunted cemetaries. Sorry about the piglet.

  4. pattisj says:

    Old cemeteries are interesting, though I don’t have the opportunity to visit much. That is a great tree. It’s nice to see one able to spread out as much as it wants. Your mom looks cute in her jacket.

  5. bridget says:

    Love old graveyards. They reveal such a lot of history.

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