Saturday … SUN day


The sun seems to have returned from its vacation.


I hope it enjoyed its vacation and doesn’t feel the need to leave again anytime too soon.

Today – the remaining work on the upstairs room project resumes!

I love the way the early-morning sun plays across the floor.

Old_wood_floors DSC_1028

We have opted for sanding and staining due to the splinter factor.


The floor will be completed next weekend.  Then, the rush will be on to get everything moved, decorated, hung, straightened, re-positioned as the men-children return home for summer.

Wouldn’t you know the timing coincides with spring work and tons to do outside?

At least I will have helpers with carrying items up and down the stairs.

At least I better have helpers with carrying items up and down the stairs.


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4 Responses to Saturday … SUN day

  1. pattisj says:

    That’s so true! We waited until it was safe to plant, and found the weeds were ahead of us when we got there–among all the other things that come with spring. Your room is looking good and that floor will be beautiful!

  2. says:

    I agree with Patti. The floor will be gorgeous – real wood, not laminate. Tell me though, in the first picture, is that your barn beyond the plowed field or someone else’s?

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