Pig-farmer strikes again!!

While having a delightful picnic lunch over-looking Lake Shelbyville today, I told my friends the story I am about to tell you.  They both encouraged me to record it for prosperity on the blog.  They know (and love) Pig-farmer and look forward to my tales.  We debated titles.  “Never trust a man that drinks from the hose lying in the barn yard.”   “He’s Ba-a-ack!”   Or just that he “…strikes again!”

Yesterday I had a boatload of outside work to do.  I do every day, but since the weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, I made working outside a priority.  I chose a racer-back tank top to wear.  I must wear sunscreen.  For me, it is as necessary as jeans/shorts and a top.  Since Pig-farmer had not left yet for his travels, I asked him to apply the sunscreen for me.  I often break into song, providing the background music for my life.  I was happily singing, “Sunscreen on my shoulders makes me happy” (to the tune of John Denver’s song, “Sunshine on my shoulders”) while he applied the sunscreen.

Last night, before hopping in the shower I checked to see if I overdid the sun with just one application of sunscreen.  It’s good to know this before getting under a spray of hot water.  I took a picture for you to see what happened.  Just so ya know, I put on a swim suit top for the picture!  I did not want to scare small children or have a picture go viral on some internet “FAIL!” page…


I know he rubbed both shoulders.  From the evidence, I can only assume that he put a dollop of sunscreen on his right hand, but forgot to put any on his left hand??

Sigh ….  and this too shall pass.


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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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14 Responses to Pig-farmer strikes again!!

  1. Dianna says:

    Wow; I think there’s some peeling in your future…..:(

  2. pattisj says:

    Yes, OUCH!

  3. Beth Ann says:

    Oh dear. That is exactly what always happens to me—-sunscreen definitely does work and I am inept at putting it on usually and sport interesting patterns after a day in the sun. 🙂

    • Right? We probably have close to the same skin coloring composition. When I am “home alone,” I use the spray-on but never get 100% coverage. Which is why I thought it was a good idea to have hubby help….

  4. Oops. My husband once left a handprint on my back where he slapped some sunscreen on haphazardly. It made for an interesting conversation starter. 🙂

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