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Don’t you just hate that?!

No, I don’t hate the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having. I worked outside almost all day yesterday.  Nope, I don’t hate that.  I needed that. I pulled ornamental corn ears, cut down the stalks, fed the stalks to the … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

 Good morning and happy Friday to you. Short & sweet today. It’s a busy time of year.  For today, decorate with candy and eat the garnish!

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A Pumpkiny Post

I’ve been busy. In a relaxed sort of way. Doing what I like; liking what I do. The honor-system, money-bucket on the tailgate has worked well. I’ve also had time to meet neighbors, visit with friends and observe what people … Continue reading

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You can’t buy peace

Wednesday night, Abigail (Pumpkin Pie’s mama) came home!  I wish I had pictures of Pumpkin Pie’s jump-about-celebration.  Too much was going on at that time, though.  I snapped this picture early Thursday morning.  Pie is in the foreground.  Although she … Continue reading

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Tuesday Newsday

 Good morning! So much I want to do outside!  So much I need to do outside! Yesterday’s rain had other plans. I photographed a lovely sunrise Sunday morning: Did I tell you what a wonderful caretaker of the gourds Happy … Continue reading

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My Friday Staycation

I almost tagged along with Pig-farmer this week on his business trip. Then, I really looked at the meetings & traveling agenda and said, “Yuck.” So this morning, after chores of course, I declared it a “Staycation” day. I made … Continue reading

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Gimpy Goat

A goat got me in trouble. Do you remember that, technically, I probably should have sold the two wethers (castrated males) I purchased last year as an experiment to see if I even liked goats?  That was Pig-farmer’s plan, anyway. Then, … Continue reading

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