Don’t ya just hate that, too/2??

I hate when I write a post, like I did the other evening, intending to post it the next morning after I have reviewed, chosen, edited and then inserted the photos I took to go with it!  But, I accidentally hit PUBLISH instead of SAVE DRAFT.

What I didn’t hate was just giving it a sigh, closing my laptop, retreating to my freshly laundered bed and saying to myself, ‘My blog-reading friends will understand.  They might not even notice there were no pictures.’

The ornamental corn has done much better than I thought it was going to do.  It is beautiful, even the imperfect ears.  Each ear is a surprise to me!  What colors will it hold? I have tried to find a pattern, based upon the color of the husks, but haven’t figured out one yet.  I love peeling back the husks to see what God’s paintbrush designed.

Some of this corn grew crazy tall!  Thanks to all the rain we had this summer, I suppose.


After I pull the ears, I break the stalks over.


After a row is done, I stack the stalks so I can take them from the patch at Mom’s to my house for the animals.


Happy is a creature of routine.  He loves this routine.

Happy_the_donkey DSC_0174

Whoops, got distracted by more artwork:


Oh and did I mention that Bernice, the sow, is “bellied-down” and due to have her pigs today!?


Back to that beautiful corn….as I work, I like to let it dry a bit and I have it, well, coming out of my ears!  😉

A double ear! —

Ornamental_Corn DSC_0138


DSC_0158 DSC_0159 DSC_0160

 Welcome beautiful October!!

Don’t you just LOVE that?

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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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10 Responses to Don’t ya just hate that, too/2??

  1. scifihammy says:

    You Can change your post Back to Draft, at any time, and publish it at a later date. – But I get the just closing your laptop and walking off too 🙂 Always fun to read about your farm 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    Love it! Love this fall weather too! 🙂

  3. Dianna says:

    I have always thought it would be SO nice for Word Press to have an “are you SURE you want to publish this post?” option….! But, you’re right, all of your readers who are bloggers completely understand!
    I try to remember to “schedule” my post once I have a title, before I even start writing anything, but sometimes I slip up….
    Love your pictures – wish I lived closer, I’d be buying all my “fall decor” from your roadside stand!

  4. Diane in Wis says:

    Just love your corn! So colorful! And no, I didn’t even notice that you didn’t post pics yesterday. I guess I was too enthralled with your story! :o)

  5. pattisj says:

    How automatically we hit that ‘publish’ button! Your corn is colorful with much variety in the ears. Happy does look happy! Yay for Bernice and piglets to come soon!

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