Pigs and Illinois weather update

Since my last post, we’ve had more snow:


Plus fog and freezing rain.  Notice how the icicles hanging from my front porch frame the top of the picture.  The little mounds in the snow were last year’s pumpkin hills.


Then, the temps took a nose-dive and the gusty wind picked up, freezing everything in its tracks, making walking and chores treacherous!


The precarious path t0 the fat porkers:


Speaking of the fat porkers …


These four weigh approximately 250 pounds per pig.  That is 1000 pounds of nuisance pig, very solid, compact pig, at knee-height-nosiness when doing chores.Mar5FatsGoing

The only good thing about the frozen ground is that I can maneuver myself better around them than when I am mucking through mud.  They can really get the best of me in the mud.  Mud + pigs + Marla = cursing.

Inside their barn, one visits with Bert through the fence.Mar5FatButtAre you wondering about the piglets?  Ten have survived.  There is still one runt’s survival I am not sure about.  They are staying warm in their heated farrowing barn with heat lamps, too.Berkshire_Piglets

Not only are the piglets nice and warm, Mama Bernice has the benefit of a handy automatic waterer, made possible by the heated barn.  Lactating sows need access to lots of water.  She’s a good girl and likes her apple treats.  She is not like some sows that get grouchy.  Thank you, Bernice!Mar5BerniceThere is more good news to share.  I will be posting soon an update on the goats  … and just look at the 10-day forecast!!Mar5TenDayI will tolerate the mud for sunshine and 60 degrees!

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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16 Responses to Pigs and Illinois weather update

  1. dayphoto says:

    It’s nice to have a sweet momma, lots of sows get down right mean!

    Linda ♪♫❤

  2. Dianna says:

    Your first 3 photos are breathtaking! Looking forward to the good news, and I know you’re looking forward to warmer temps and sunshine!

  3. APPLAUSE for the forecast.. and what simply stunning shots today marla.. beautiful.. and yes.. bring on the mud! I am ready for it..

  4. Julie says:

    Can’t beat that forecast!

  5. debweeks says:

    Hooray for spring weather!!!!!! And I sure hope the runt survives.

  6. pattisj says:

    Yes, and above freezing for five days in a row! Bernice is a good mama. I couldn’t help but notice the Red-bellied Woodpecker doing the split on the ice. Don’t you try that. 😉

  7. Greg Dickinson says:

    Enjoy the weather improvement

    Sent from my iPad


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