Photo Friday ~ June 26, 2015

Rain – Puddles – Mud – Weeds – Flooding – Swampy – Tropical

The prettiest view on my little farm.

June25 Garden_Jungle

The garden with my ornamental corn is saturated.  I hope some of it survives.  It is getting tall.  Better to outgrow the weeds, I suppose.  This photo was taken 18 days ago … and I thought it was wet then.  There is not a brown spot of dirt in the patch now!  All grassy and weedy.June25 18 Days Ago

Even so, the tangles of tropical colors are much better than the grays/whites/browns of winter!June25 Zinnias

The pumpkins … Sis and I planted 55 hills.  I can’t get to them to weed them.  If they aren’t overtaken by weeds will they survive root rot?June25Rustic

I wander about during bursts of sunshine,June25 Burst_of_Yellowrefusing to worry.June25 Two Flys

Drawing my focus to the beauty of what is.June25Focus

Beauty in the tatters – June25 Grizabella

I called her Grizabella butterfly.  She reminded me of Grizabella in the Broadway musical, Cats.

For this weekend, I hope you find a sunny spot.June25 Sunny Spot

About Marla Rose

This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!
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13 Responses to Photo Friday ~ June 26, 2015

  1. Dianna says:

    Thanks for the tour — love all your rustic garden decor AND your blooms!

  2. Beautiful pics, as always! Made me feel like I had sunshine on my face : ) Thank you!

  3. A lovely walk .. Thank you! Gorgeous pics too 😃

  4. dayphoto says:

    Looking good…too much of anything is just too much!


  5. says:

    I know you had lots of pretty flowers but my favorite photo was the tricycle. It needs a basket hanging on the handlebars that you can fill with potted flowers.

  6. pattisj says:

    I like the tricycle. My garden needs some fun things like that. I have to get all the plants to decide to hang around first. Coneflowers are a favorite, and they attract so many “passengers.” I like to watch the goldfinch bob around on one.

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