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Photo Friday ~ July 24, 2015

Here’s a sample of life around the 5 acres this week:   Happy weekend, friends!!!

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Crop dusting

When crops get too big to bring equipment into the field without damaging them or when field condition are too wet for working, there is another option available to farmers, crop dusting.  Pesticides and fungicides can be applied aerially.  I … Continue reading

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Photo Friday ~ July 17, 2015

Just because my sons are 23 and 20 doesn’t mean we don’t have Nerf swords at the ready! Her dragon(fly) … Finally, the weather has cooperated and I had some good work time in the Pumpkin Patch. In the goat … Continue reading

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We never know what is possible if we don’t try.

The rains have passed and now the sun + moisture + humidity make it feel like a sauna.  I have never understood why people pay good money to sit in a sauna.  If you grow up on a farm, there … Continue reading

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It may be a strangely rainy summer for central Illinois … with a high of only 64 degrees predicted for today. It may not be the summer for bumper crops and beautiful vegetable gardens. It is, however, just another day in paradise! Especially when compared … Continue reading

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Garden walk

Normally, July in Illinois is not a rainy month.  Hot & humid, yes.  Wet, no. Normally, we are wanting a good rain.  Not so much this year.   I am thankful my gardening is done predominantly as a hobby and … Continue reading

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Oh Snap!

Upon returning home one day and checking my mail, I was greeted by a snapping turtle.  Either the mail carrier couldn’t get him in my mailbox or he was displaced by the mowing of the roadside ditches that had occurred … Continue reading

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