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Letting Nature do her thing.

Winter is not my favorite season. However,  I can truly appreciate the beautiful moments, when I open up to them. Winter will flow on and give way to spring. Now, is the time to rest and wait. Letting nature do … Continue reading

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A January Saturday

Some days the clouds in your thoughts seem to lift. Other days, it seems the best activity is to find a nice blankie, hide your face, and take a nap. Then, you’ll feel like eating, of course, upon awaking.  At … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

The first walk of many, I hope, in 2016. Crisp air for fresh thoughts? Onward, downward, to the river. Let the power and might of the river remind us – we aren’t in charge. Have you heard the saying, “Cardinals … Continue reading

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Barnyard Walk

Finally!  A day without rushing, clouds and rain.  A day to walk around the barnyards with you.  My in-laws bought two feeder calves to put in with our little George. Taking pics of black calves in the dark results in … Continue reading

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New Year, New Me?

The other day Pig-farmer asked me if I had made my resolutions.  At that time, I was delighting in post-Christmas quiet while pouring myself a mug of coffee.  I gave him my very best, scariest, don’t-mess-with-me look.  What the heck? I mean, … Continue reading

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