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Just Make the Coffee is a life mantra.  It’s about greeting each day and putting one foot in front of the other.  It’s about savoring the good, mellowing the bad, and flourishing in every experience.  I believe we are to encourage each other and lift each other up.  We should strive to breathe deeply of this too-short life, savor the ordinary, and find beauty in the everyday.  


31 Responses to About the blog

  1. Barbara says:

    I’m so glad you stopped by The Empty Nest Mom. Sounds like you or someone you love is dealing with cancer (?). I hate that and other nasty diseases too. And I admire anyone who comes to any challenge in life from a place of strength. And laughter. Good for you. Your three coping tools are also in my toolbox. They’ve chased many a bad day away.

  2. You have a great blog and I was pretty sure I was following. BUT, I guess i wasn’t. SO, now I am and I will be looking forward to more great posts. I need to come back and catch up, too!

  3. Flannery says:

    Thanks for following over at beartrackfarm.net! We’re glad to have you, and it looks like we’ve got some of the same animals–Boer goats and Berkshires, at least! Looking forward to reading through your posts 🙂

  4. Marla,
    I sent you an email. I would like to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  5. forestmtnhike says:

    Hi Marla, you have a beautiful blog. I’ve read through several of your post and have enjoyed them lots! I especially like your most recent one with the calf running around. He or she is just the cutest!:) And I agree with what you said about being a Glioblastoma Multiforme Hater.;) I’ll be looking forward to reading more. Hugs hugs!!

  6. Beth Ann says:

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!!!! It looks like we have a few friends in common! So great to meet you!

  7. Julianna @My Watering Can says:

    Hi Marla, greetings from a fellow Illinois resident!

  8. I found your blog through A Rural Journal’s Rural Blogger Coop and as I was reading a few of your posts about the weather I thought to myself ‘that sure looks like what we got!’… Sure enough, after some snooping around, we’re practically neighbors! In that country sense. I work in Monticello, IL and live about 30 minutes North. It’s nice to find another Illinois blogger! PS-The goat yoga pictures are adorable!!

  9. cecilia says:

    Marla, do you sell goat meat? I only ask because John keeps going on about milking goats but to get the milk you get the kids and this would mean meat. But I have never tasted goat or drunk goats milk for that matter! Any ideas? c

    • The Boer goats we have started raising are meat-only goats. I believe they cross well with dairy goats … so you could probably have meat and milk. We will sell ours for meat. The largest market seems to be focused around certain religious holidays, Muslim in nature. We are definitely on the short end of the learning curve and just getting our toes wet. We wanted to make sure we enjoyed them (Yes!) before getting too many.

  10. Dianna says:

    Aw….I came to your “About” page after reading today’s post. So sad about your first husband, but glad that you’re happy again with your Pig Farmer!

  11. I absolutely love the name of your blog! Looking forward to reading more.

  12. bluebunny01 says:

    Very interesting blog and lovely photos – I look forward to reading more

  13. Emily Grace says:

    LOL This is a “Happy Ass Farm” too, Marla. 🙂
    I like your coping tools.
    My Farmer has a home office and travels for the job that pays.

    Looking forward to following along and finding out more we have in common.
    Best, Emily Grace

  14. !! You have goats! I love you already.

  15. Thank you for documenting and sharing life on your farm!

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