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This blog documents country life in central Illinois with lots of pictures, and various other ideas/adventures that come my way. My hope is to make you laugh (or at least smile) and appreciate this life!

Rain Delay

This spring has been delayed due to chilly, rainy weather and lack of sunshine. I last posted an optimistic blog about spring whispering.  Since then, winter yelled back. A little snow, a little ice, a lot of cold rain. It’s … Continue reading

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A whisper

Spring whispered to me this morning from my backyard. It was a very quiet whisper.  After all, it is February 13th in Illinois. Whispers are good.  Hope is better! For today friends, have hope!  

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Today was a putter day.  One of my favorite types of days.  It was icy and slick out; so the world slowed down and we stayed home. As I was reading some blogs, I remembered that I had Happy photos … Continue reading

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January thoughts

Hi friends – I’ve missed ya!  The deck is craving some coffee, don’t you think? To fill some winter hours, I can waste a lot of time looking at Pinterest.  Where else do you find recipes and pictures of the … Continue reading

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A Christmas Bug?

What is that I feel in the air?  Could it be?  Surely not… Moi?  Feeling … Christmas-y??  I hope it isn’t just a 24-hour bug or something.  I mean, what if the Grinch’s heart really does grow 3 times its … Continue reading

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Incomplete thoughts

My random thoughts this weekend have narrowed down to this: Routines have their place.  Structure provides stability.  But, I’m over rigidity. I would have missed watching the timber behind my house come alive this morning if I had been on … Continue reading

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New views

The “new” old house in town is already changing!  The monstrous yews in front had to go. BEFORE:That picture doesn’t really show how monstrous they were.  They were hide-a-bear big … if we had bears, that is. AFTER:Now, it’s neat and … Continue reading

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