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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!

Not good!

Harvest was going well yesterday until the grain cart decided to pop a wheelie. Parts were available. I was able to pick up and bring them home with me. Repairs are underway this a.m. Yesterday’s and this morning’s sunrise pics … Continue reading

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Back to corn

Another beautiful October day! Hot ham, turkey, cheese, and grilled red onion sub sandwiches tonight. Finally, some corn is dry enough to haul straight to the elevator. We are in for a weather change soon – a chilly weekend is … Continue reading

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Beans and beef.

The beans just to the west of our home. It is a gorgeous, clear, calm, starry night! Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. Slow-cooker Italian beef. I hope you can enjoy some crisp fall evenings!

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First Frost

I forgot to mention that we had a very light frost Tuesday morning. It was still dark when I drove to work, so no pictures of the frost. Today’s only picture is of Clint checking a bin. Definitely Getting his … Continue reading

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Stop & Go & Stop

Looks like he is harvesting the sun: It needs more sun and warm weather! This field is opened up, but determined to be too wet. Moving on to try a different field. Too wet, also. Tomorrow is another day!

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Now we’re rolling!

The next two pictures, my friends, are what HOPE looks like. As I grilled pork cutlets, Axel and Nacho had my back! I think they were trying to trip me, actually. Then, I delivered sandwiches and got to ride along! … Continue reading

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The first text and picture I received today said it was too wet. He was just going to open the ends and corners so people could see better at the intersection. The next text was that they tried another field … Continue reading

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AUGUST. The last full month of summer. It’s also the back-to-school month. It may be met with dread or excitement. Let’s work and pray for excitement. Let’s put our energy into making this an amazing school year. For everyone. Our … Continue reading

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On to spraying

After I got home from work, Clint pulled in to mix another load of pre-emergent spray. I rode along so we could catch up on the day’s news and activities. All the corn and soybeans have been planted! Corn is … Continue reading

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Just some random shots of glimpses into our days. Wishing you a happy day.

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