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This blog documents our farm life in central Illinois with photographs, experiences, and a dash of cooking. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy sharing part of our lives!

Now we’re rolling!

The next two pictures, my friends, are what HOPE looks like. As I grilled pork cutlets, Axel and Nacho had my back! I think they were trying to trip me, actually. Then, I delivered sandwiches and got to ride along! … Continue reading

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The first text and picture I received today said it was too wet. He was just going to open the ends and corners so people could see better at the intersection. The next text was that they tried another field … Continue reading

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AUGUST. The last full month of summer. It’s also the back-to-school month. It may be met with dread or excitement. Let’s work and pray for excitement. Let’s put our energy into making this an amazing school year. For everyone. Our … Continue reading

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On to spraying

After I got home from work, Clint pulled in to mix another load of pre-emergent spray. I rode along so we could catch up on the day’s news and activities. All the corn and soybeans have been planted! Corn is … Continue reading

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Just some random shots of glimpses into our days. Wishing you a happy day.

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Acre by Acre

Hawk or eagle?! The bird flew when I stopped to snap the pic. I think I see a white head, though! Loading the planter tank from the tender wagon: A moment’s solitude for the shuttle-driver and food-truck runner: A moment’s … Continue reading

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Before sunup to after sundown.

Planting soybeans began today. On my way home this evening from errand run #382, I could see a rain cloud dropping a delivery. My dad would have said, “Someone is getting a shower.” This someone also needs to get a … Continue reading

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Friday, May 13

After work today, I was able to bring my farmer some caffeine and a cold treat. I felt he needed it since he has gotten a whopping total of 5 hours sleep in the past 62 (and still counting) hours. … Continue reading

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Crazy Days (and nights)

Farming fatigue – it’s on! April was cold, windy, rainy, and not conducive to farming. May has blasted to record and near-record highs in Illinois. About 90 degrees this week. Can you see the humid haze in the pic below, … Continue reading

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Aerial Crop Sprayers are CRAZY (but fun to watch!)

While looking for some pictures on an SD card, I found a bunch of pics I took early one summer Sunday morning in July. I meant to post them in a blog, but completely forgot, as life gets busy. Or … Continue reading

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