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Falling back

The beautiful season of autumn lets your senses sail away.  Fall in the country has it’s very own smell. The trick is to breathe deeply and notice it! Reminisce a bit, then brush your hands off, and appreciate each beautiful … Continue reading

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A Christmas Bug?

What is that I feel in the air?  Could it be?  Surely not… Moi?  Feeling … Christmas-y??  I hope it isn’t just a 24-hour bug or something.  I mean, what if the Grinch’s heart really does grow 3 times its … Continue reading

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Tis the Holidaze

I need to learn to JUST MAKE THE COFFEE and not eat cookies and candy with every cup!  Friends, I wish you well as you prepare for the Christmas season.

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Just another day in paradise

Because everyone spends a holiday washing coon $hit off their overhead shed doors, right? Note: after raccoons terrorize the shed like drunken pirates, they will need to rest. Especially if they have gorged themselves on cat food and cattle feed. … Continue reading

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New Year, New Me?

The other day Pig-farmer asked me if I had made my resolutions.  At that time, I was delighting in post-Christmas quiet while pouring myself a mug of coffee.  I gave him my very best, scariest, don’t-mess-with-me look.  What the heck? I mean, … Continue reading

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Faith ~ Family ~ Friends

A 20th birthday and Easter – what a wonderful way to spend a weekend. We have been able to celebrate Easter with three extended families and our church. Friends have visited. Everyone loves a baby goat kid. Poor little Gonzo wasn’t getting … Continue reading

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Pig-farmer, my Valentine

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