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AUGUST. The last full month of summer. It’s also the back-to-school month. It may be met with dread or excitement. Let’s work and pray for excitement. Let’s put our energy into making this an amazing school year. For everyone. Our … Continue reading

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Switching it up

Machines are ready …. but crops just aren’t totally there. Clint found some beans that were “close enough!” He also ran his phone through the combine. Combine 1 – Phone 0. When it’s go time, it’s hard for a farmer … Continue reading

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A good problem

I worked later, picked up some parts, and got home in time to help shuttle to trucks. The bin was full and nothing else ready. Tonight, I grilled porkburgers and took in another fabulous sunset. I was being closely watched … Continue reading

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This time of year, they don’t care what you bring them to eat or even if it’s very good! They are just grateful for a delivery. Tonight was Schwan’s oven-baked breaded chicken breast sandwiches and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Friends, … Continue reading

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Don’t fear change

I get the opportunity to talk with many open-minded, innovative people. They are not afraid to look at new ideas and improve efficiency. I learn every day. I appreciate open minds. Until tomorrow, friends. May the sunset bring peace.

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Red-tailed Hawk

Busy day of hard work. Worked a few hours at my job, then helped move Clint’s daughter to St Louis. Only pics are from yesterday of a hawk on sentry. They like to scout where the corn has been picked. … Continue reading

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Sunday Sunset

My neighbor captured the sun setting behind our farm. I love it! Friends, I wish you a good night’s rest and motivation for Monday.

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Harvest 2020 Begins!

It isn’t pedal-to-the metal – yet! More of a testing-the-equipment run. There is no mistaking the summer greens are shifting to autumn’s golds. Last night’s sunset was the finishing touch of a wonderful day. I hope you enjoy God’s beauty … Continue reading

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Sunup to sunset

Hazy sunrise making it look like a full moon. A parts run out of town allowed for a date by the lake. Sunup to sunset, appreciate God’s beauty, friends!

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Field roads

I took a walk after work to clear my mind. Something about the rustling white noise of drying corn leaves is (almost) as soothing as listening to the ocean waves. Enjoy this beautiful, changing season!

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