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Letting Nature do her thing.

Winter is not my favorite season. However,  I can truly appreciate the beautiful moments, when I open up to them. Winter will flow on and give way to spring. Now, is the time to rest and wait. Letting nature do … Continue reading

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Friendship is:

You know you have a good friend when you open the door to your overly-full, in-bad-need-of-defrosting freezer, with a “Simplify” sign resting, well, simply, on top, and she doesn’t even flinch when a pair of black, dress-pants are just chilling … Continue reading

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Don’t you just hate that?!

No, I don’t hate the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having. I worked outside almost all day yesterday.  Nope, I don’t hate that.  I needed that. I pulled ornamental corn ears, cut down the stalks, fed the stalks to the … Continue reading

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I Shoulda’ Been a Cowboy

I’ve been humming Toby Keith’s song and thinking how right he is. Why?  Oh, I guess I think they are just too cool.  It’s perfectly fine, expected and acceptable for them to say whatever they think, whenever they think it … Continue reading

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Thought Gathering

All too often it seems I have so many ideas, projects, to-dos and wanna-dos bouncing around in my head that I realize I need to pause and take a moment to gather my thoughts.  Focus!  Prioritize!  This process can resemble trying … Continue reading

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Update to “There’s a Mouse in My House”

Hmmmm, me-thinks I haven’t finished with the “mouse.”  It might just be MICE!

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The Versatile Blogger

How wonderful!  Early Saturday mornings I have a date with a cup of coffee and my computer.  At least until track meets start.  I shake off the week’s rush-rush and relax while catching up on my favorite blogs.  This morning, … Continue reading

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