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House Cleaning is Like Dieting

If you let up for a minute “the problem” will grow and grow until “the problem” seems too overwhelming to tackle.  We are having our house insulated from the tips to the toes (attic to crawlspace).  The nice, insulation-contractor man said they … Continue reading

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The Joy of Puttering

I love to be home. I also love puttering in my home. A morning when I am not rushing to be out the door by 7:15, or any given place at a given time, is a little piece of heaven … Continue reading

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November’s Beauty

I do not normally find the beiges and browns of late-November beautiful … unless it is in the form of potatoes, noodles and dressing. We have had several sun-less days; so this morning when the sun was shining brightly I … Continue reading

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Get moving!

I need to get my @ss moving…and I don’t mean Happy, the donkey. My energy level has dropped. My mood has, too. What is the culprit? The recent time change? Stress? Fatigue? We have been wearing pedometers through a wellness … Continue reading

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Observations of chore time

Chores, especially those involving farm animals, remind me of Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong, it will. With animal chores, even if something is “fool-proof,” it will go wrong. The more ridiculous the clothing I have on, the more … Continue reading

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Ahhh, The Country Life

Some people save money for exotic vacations, new vehicles, remodeling the house, a boat maybe. Us? Not so much. Our last vacation fund went toward a new section of fence. The latest “project” on which we will spend money we … Continue reading

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Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes

A donkey is not your ordinary pet. I seem to function in out-of-the-ordinary. Many years ago, we added an old donkey to our little farm. It was not a necessary addition in my opinion. I didn’t have a cart I … Continue reading

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