How dare I

wake up Bubbles, Stinkeye

by turning on the ceiling fan?CeilingFan

Friends, I wish you undisturbed sleep.  And sweet dreams.

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A simple lesson

Love the ones that encourage you to bloom.

Hibiscus-growing credit: My Mom!

Friends, I wish you a blooming good start to your week.

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Shine on

Every second I can, I want to enjoy the gorgeous weather we have been experiencing. 


Watching Hurricane Florence’s path makes me count my blessings for our delightful weather, while praying for those affected in the myriad of ways a hurricane can cause damage. Right here in Shelbyville, Illinois – our Shelby Electric Cooperative is sending crews to help with restoration efforts.  Godspeed.


What a summer it has been. It has not been a summer for blogging. It has been a summer of significant change and reflection, coming to terms with change, and always, always, digging deeper for personal strength … while relying on the support and love of family and friends.


The changing of seasons can be a catalyst for a fresh slate.  Why save resolutions to make a better life for January 1? I don’t believe in pretending failures do not happen to each of us.  I do believe in using lessons from failures to grow wiser.  You have to shake the negativity from your head.  You have value and beauty.  Don’t hide it.


Shine on.  Shine for yourself.  Shine for those who deserve and need your light.


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Backyard Paradise

Spring is slowly, daintily, tiptoeing into the dance of seasons.Apr29TreeFringe

Sunday, I chose to explore, enjoy, and try to express the wild beauty of my backyard.Apr28Vine

I hoped to even find morel mushrooms, just as I’ve hoped this property is home to Redbud trees.

I found the Redbuds …. way at the back edge,Apr29Redbud

and a box turtle,Apr29Box_Turtle

and a beautiful hill of these blue, timber flowers, that I don’t know the name of.Apr29BlueFlowers

Here is a close-up:Apr29BlueCloseup

I had songs and company, too.Apr29CardinalApr29Nuts

No ‘shrooms, though.

Hmmmm, have to think about that.Apr29Robin

For today, friends, I hope you enjoy something in your own backyard!

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Rain Delay

This spring has been delayed due to chilly, rainy weather and lack of sunshine.

I last posted an optimistic blog about spring whispering.  Since then, winter yelled back.

A little snow, a little ice, a lot of cold rain.


It’s been a make-chili-and-cookies kind of spring.


A take-a-nap kind of spring.


Which, I guess, isn’t all bad.  It’s just that in Illinois, if we don’t get some nice spring days early …. it will turn into hot & humid summer over night!

Tune back in soon, friends.  I hope to continue this blog after the rain delay.



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A whisper

Spring whispered to me this morning from my backyard.Feb13Sunrise

It was a very quiet whisper.  After all, it is February 13th in Illinois.

Whispers are good.  Hope is better!

For today friends, have hope!


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Today was a putter day.  One of my favorite types of days.  It was icy and slick out; so the world slowed down and we stayed home.

As I was reading some blogs, I remembered that I had Happy photos to show you!  A couple of weeks ago, I visited Happy.  He is doing quite well!  Even spoiled a bit, I think.  When I offered him an apple he didn’t seem interested.


His pets said they cut his apples up for him…

Sure enough, Happy humored me by eating his apple slices.



Friends, I hope you have it your way today!

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January thoughts

Hi friends – I’ve missed ya! BubblesTheCat

The deck is craving some coffee, don’t you think?


To fill some winter hours, I can waste a lot of time looking at Pinterest.  Where else do you find recipes and pictures of the most decadent desserts next to diet plans and exercise regimes?  In case you are looking for inspiration, here is a pin that I saved:Sharing 20 quotes to inspire you to live a vibrant life. These are travel quotes, quotes about love, quotes about strength and quotes about moving on // Hey There, Chelsie

Better to ponder the quotes than the dessert recipes.

Do something to make yourself feel vibrant soon, friends!

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A Christmas Bug?

What is that I feel in the air?  Could it be?  Surely not… Moi?  Feeling … Christmas-y??  I hope it isn’t just a 24-hour bug or something.  I mean, what if the Grinch’s heart really does grow 3 times its normal size?

The tree is up.  Not only is it up, but it is decorated!  Pig-Farmer and I started to assemble the 10 foot tree that came with the house.  It was one of those artificial trees that needs each branch poked into a color-coded slot on the “trunk.”  We made it to the second level before we decided that dismantling it was going to be even worse.  We took it down and got our favorite, a “real” tree.  10 foot tree, anyone??  Going really cheap.

Then, we discovered every 4th or 5th light bulb was out on our old light strings.  We made a “quick” trip to a local store but they didn’t have colored lights that twinkled.  Pig-Farmer insisted that the %@$# lovely lights must twinkle.  It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas-preps past.  Fine. We drove a half hour and got multi-color, twinkling lights.  Christmas tree woes over.

Bubbles helps dislodge any loose needles.  And I had been thinking it was dropping needles because it was dry.Bubbles

Oh, don’t get worried that I’m too ill with this Christmas bug.  Plenty remains to be done!  I would really like to find the book my best friend got me last year about how to be organized and have an un-frazzled Christmas.  It’s in an unpacked box somewhere.  Maybe her love for all things Christmas is what I’ve caught – even without reading the book.

Or maybe it was something slipped into this early Christmas surprise from another bestie.  The friend that embraces my Grinch-y heart.DSC_0292

I had yet to try the Peppermint Bark coffee I had purchased when I came home one day after work and found a cheerily gift-wrapped box propped at my door.  My furrowed brow lifted into a smile that warmed my whole heart when I unwrapped my Grinch mug.

My wish for you, friends, is that you make time to stop and smell the coffee, or the Christmas tree, or a scented candle, and reflect on celebrating the birth of our Savior … and enjoy the twinkling, multi-colored lights.


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Incomplete thoughts

My random thoughts this weekend have narrowed down to this: Routines have their place.  Structure provides stability.  But, I’m over rigidity.Kitchen view

I would have missed watching the timber behind my house come alive this morning if I had been on my normal routine.  Waking up

None of us should be so self-important that we overlook what God is putting right in front of us.  Is it appreciation for something? Someone? A simple need we can fill? Time for family and friends?  Can we stop and look outward?BubblesBench

Maybe take a little time to reflect.BubblesKitchen

Are we caught up in the right actions but missing the important?Autumn

Today I hope you enjoy what you are doing, friends.


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