Work hard – play hard – pray hard

Busy, fun, hard-working, family, friends, enjoyable, beautiful autumn weekend!

At my Mom’s.

Waiting on a wiener roast!

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Fabulous Friday

Clint sent me some great photos while I was at work. The pics from the bin tops are always so cool… but I prefer he just hold on!

Supper was grilled pork cutlets and porkburgers.

Our Friday Night Lights:

I hope you had a fabulous Friday, friends!

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Beans are (almost) DONE!

Clint took some pics for me while I was at work. They were knocking out beans! Only a small patch of beans remain that aren’t yet ready.

It was a beautiful fall day. It clouded over a bit toward evening. I barely caught the sunset.

Celebrate something you (almost) complete!

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Wednesday on the road

I took off work this afternoon for an appointment, then ran errands, and had another appointment. After delivering sandwiches to the crew, I came home to catch up on a couple of things before I got called out to help run field errands. Today’s pictures were all taken from the truck window.

I love old barns.
Think of the stories they could tell!

Dear friends, don’t miss what is right outside your window!

Until tomorrow.

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Tuesday, October 6th

A beautiful, busy day. It’s getting dark too early, tho! It was almost dark when I delivered grilled barnyard burgers. These burgers are a delicious combination of ground chicken breast, bacon, and cheese. We are fortunate to have excellent choices for quality meat in our small towns.

Enjoy a good local product today, my friends!

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October 5, 2020 – 1st Frost

It seems way too early, but it was cold and clear with a frosty start to the morning.

Clint took photos from the combine cab for me while I was at work. I love the view from this field – you can see for miles!

I had a hair appointment after work. So, the crew got lucky because I brought Druby’s home for supper! Druby’s is a favorite little hometown burger joint.

I hope you enjoy a favorite hometown restaurant, too!

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Relaxing Sunday

Coffee time, church, a quiet lunch at home, a nap!, crop-scouting drive, and dinner with the in-laws: grilled chicken, roasted red potatoes, green beans, and watermelon. It was the kind of day that makes you want to repeat it tomorrow. But, that’s not gonna happen!

Clint’s grandparents’ farm.
Clint scouting the beans for tomorrow’s plan.

Friends, I hope you have more relaxing Sundays than not!

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Saturday, October 3

These pictures are compliments of the farmer himself!

This is from Friday. We have two bean heads, so Clint’s dad drives a combine too.

Saturday morning was too damp for beans, so they switched to corn. The sun played across the landscape for a brief time.

I visited a local family’s fall festival with my beautiful, fun, spunky daughter-in-law!

By late afternoon, it was raining enough that they had to stop. Therefore, supper was at the Mexican restaurant with our friends!

It was a great day, here in central Illinois. I hope yours was too!

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Fall Friday

Heading to work before 7 am.

Clint sent this one during the day of him and his dad combining beans:

Sundown sandwich delivery:

I hope you see beauty in your work.

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October 1 – in photos

Giving thanks to God for a beautiful night!

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