Fall faves

I hope you’re enjoying the rise and fall of October days!

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Tuesday, October 20

My pics are from yesterday. Clint was in town at lunch, so he picked me up at work, we got drive-thru, and went to the lake.

I returned to the office. He checked bins and sent me pics of his aerial view.

After the actual harvest of crops, work continues. Cornstalks will get chisel plowed, brush and timber along field edges will get trimmed or pushed back, equipment will get maintenance work, and paperwork will get tackled, to name a few of the more pressing items.

This evening, we are appreciating a little rain. The dry conditions and field fires have been a big concern!

I hope you get (or take) a much-needed break, too.

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Finished!! October 17, 2020

The day dawned beautifully!

Since I work Monday – Friday, I was able to be home all day. Didn’t even need to make a parts run!

Clint sent me this pic of an over-achieving corn stalk.

I treated the crew to grilled ribeye sandwiches and still warm brownies for lunch. I highly recommend McCormick’s marinade seasoning packets!

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Apple bratwurst

When I was stuck for what to grill tonight, Clint requested Wade’s Quality Meats apple brats. I was happy to oblige! They are the best.

It’s getting dark so much earlier now. I barely make it to the field with sandwiches before dark.

I have a severe case of the yawns tonight. Like a thoughtful spouse, I shared them with Clint. So much for being good company!

Sleep well, friends!

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Lights, camera, and lots of action!

Corn harvest continues. I thought the sky was interesting as I fueled up the tank to deliver to the combine. It is very helpful to have a fuel tank on the back of the farm truck, so the combine doesn’t have to leave the field to come in for fuel.

The sunset was beautiful as I crested a hill.

I loved catching these action shots tonight!

Tomorrow morning is supposed to dawn clear, chilly, and frosty! Enjoy whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

Until tomorrow, my friends!

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A body in motion

stays in motion – and boy, the wind was in motion today. I couldn’t get a picture to capture it well, tho. We heard accounts of combine fires getting out of control due to the wind whisking flames through the dry crops.

I also stayed in motion as I am in the process of painting and moving my office at work, took a walk with a dear friend after work, picked up burgers & fries for the crew, rode in the combine til quitting time, then came in the house to wrangle the kitchen. It will need repeated sessions to truly tame it.

And now, a body at rest stays at rest. For a few sweet hours anyway! Hubby says 4 am alarm tomorrow.

Stay in motion until it’s time to rest, friends!

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Tuesday, Oct 13


Sleep well, my friends!

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Full steam ahead on Columbus Day

It wasn’t a day off for us. But that isn’t a complaint. It allowed for our sweet niece and great-nephew to ride along with Clint!

Before heading into the office this morning, I put pork loin in the slow cooker. After work, the house smelled tantalizing! I made it into lean pulled pork bbq sandwiches to take to the field.

Then, it was time to ride with Clint and catch up on our day.

Holiday or work, I hope your day was a good one! I’ll will say goodnight now from the combine’s buddy seat.

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Work hard – play hard – pray hard

Busy, fun, hard-working, family, friends, enjoyable, beautiful autumn weekend!

At my Mom’s.

Waiting on a wiener roast!

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Fabulous Friday

Clint sent me some great photos while I was at work. The pics from the bin tops are always so cool… but I prefer he just hold on!

Supper was grilled pork cutlets and porkburgers.

Our Friday Night Lights:

I hope you had a fabulous Friday, friends!

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