Field roads

I took a walk after work to clear my mind. Something about the rustling white noise of drying corn leaves is (almost) as soothing as listening to the ocean waves.

Looks like the deer have been dining well.
Pollinator plot
Milkweeds for Monarchs
Happy companions.

Enjoy this beautiful, changing season!

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Some days need a reset, reboot, unplugged and tried again. That was yesterday. It started out beautifully.

I was exhausted by evening. Cashed out. Hubby brought me a dragonfly to photograph. It was dazed on the garage floor. It did revive and was released to the flower bed.

I love my hardworking farmer that will take time to rescue a dragonfly and bring it to me to photograph.

I’ve rebooted with sleep and now my coffee. I hope you have a good day, friends!

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A day closer

to harvest.

Prep continues.

Bee busy, my friends! Until tomorrow.

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Illinois & the Oregon wildfires

We were forecast a beautiful sunny September day here in central Illinois. By afternoon, it was still “sunny” – with haze. I’ve since learned it is from the Oregon wildfires.

I pray for those living in the heart and heat of this disaster.

For today, be thankful for fresh air, my friends. I’m grateful to only experience some haze. Until tomorrow.

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Sunday Smiles

Well, not sure if this thing will make you smile or not!? It made us scratch our heads wondering what kind of insect it is.

I hope you have had a Sunday full of smiles, friends.

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Country roads and views

Took a very country road coming home from a parts run!

Evening views from the farm.

Take the country roads when you can, my friends. Until tomorrow, good night.

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Friday, September 11

View out of the front office window:


Clint and I checked crops last night. I fell in love with the views all over again.

Fall in love with what is right in front of you!

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I was focused on getting a shot of my butterfly bush for you. This bush is called “Miss Molly.” I had to buy it because Molly is also the name of my sweet daughter-in-law. Then … I realized something was amiss …. and not a twig! A praying mantis was way too close to me!

They give me the creepy crawlies.

And there were two!


I know. I know. They’re good insects. But, geez-oh-Pete, they are freaky.

I hope you have a non-freaky day, friends!

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September 9

The fog was persistent this morning.

Lake Shelbyville still bloomed beautiful.

Later, I returned to eat lunch while my buddy fished.

Glad I didn’t have a tuna sandwich packed as close as I was to him.

I hope you find a place to enjoy your lunch.

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Good morning through the clouds.

This afternoon the sky taunted us.

The rain skirted around us.

Tonight, the crickets and cicadas sing.

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