Photo Friday


Because we all need to remember to play.25MarchHappy2

So, why not do something fun this weekend?25MarchHappy

Friends, this weekend I hope you have a ball!25MarchHappyCheese

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Photo Friday with Bubbles

Happy Friday – may your eggs not crack!

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Coffee on the bridge, anyone?

So, I really wanted to park on the Coplin Bridge and drink my coffee this morning.21March_Kaskaskia_River

Would anyone be able to blame me?

Friends, I hope you see a beautiful image this week!

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Soul Sunday

Everyone needs a place where their soul finds peace.  Since Pig-Farmer’s schedule and the budget isn’t allowing for my derriere to be seated pool- or beach-side, with a fruity drink in my hand, I am lucky to have the river and timber of Mom’s to visit.  Hiking the hills is surely better for me anyway.

Despite the cold temperatures we experienced this week, I found dainty spring flowers.  Reminders that perseverance pays off.  Bloom when it is time!19March_TimberFlowers

Isn’t it amazing how, despite the cold snap, nature knows when it is time to wake up from dormancy?

I also love finding the reminders from my grandparents’ cattle farm.  Call me crazy, but I think it’s beautiful!  19MarchBarbedWire

Nature is such a great reminder of our smallness.  Bigger forces are at work and we can actually control little.  Except one big attribute.  Our attitude.

Friends, I hope you find a place for your soul to find some peace this week.  Make it happen!  Carve a little time, light a candle or sit in the sun, enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of tea, and breathe, knowing you don’t have to be in charge of it all.


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Monday, the 13th & closet follow-up

Why do people get so worked up about Friday, the 13th?  I believe Monday, the 13th, especially the Monday after Daylight Saving Time begins, is much more sinister.  Once again, it was dark as I drove to work … in the snow.  Mother Nature decided winter isn’t finished after all.  I went home for lunch, grabbed my camera and got a few pics.  Will the flowers still bloom?  The forecast predicts a low of 16 tomorrow night!  13MarchSnow

Coplin Road as I was returning to work: 13March_Coplin_Road

The Kaskaskia River looking ruggedly handsome.13March_Kaskaskia_River

Are you curious how the closet cleaning and organizing from Saturday’s Coffee and Marie Kondo went?  Did it “spark joy” or fizzle out?  Take a peek:

I think I most enjoy the Marie Kondo folding/storage method.  Look at that drawer of sweatshirts!  Instead of laying them flat and wearing the top few or having to root through the top layer to get to the ones on bottom, they are folded so they will stand up in the drawer. You can see them all at a glance!  I also did it with my socks.  I could probably get hooked on this!

It was not a “fun” day, but it felt wonderfully productive.  I realized this is a life-style.  Look it over – if it doesn’t serve a worthwhile purpose or spark joy – get rid of it!  I still have a long way to go because I want to carry this over into other areas of my home.   Pig-Farmer returns home today from his weekend trip … we’ll see if he makes the cut!  😉

The final conclusion is that clearing the clutter will definitely make life easier.  I am a clutter-bug; organized in my own way, but hang on to stuff just in case.   A helpful quote for me to keep in mind is:Image result for quote organized clutter is still clutter

I would much rather have time, energy and space for adventures and experiences.  If this helps me feel I have more time for those experiences …. then it will be well worth the work I put into it now.  Like I said, it will have to become a lifestyle and a thought-changing process to not put aside so much to deal with later.

Let me know your thoughts, tips, advice, “issues” in the Comments!


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Coffee and Marie Kondo

Come along with me for a completely different post than I usually photo-journal.  I don’t remember where I first read or heard about Marie Kondo, but I do know I became intrigued. A short synopsis is that you should rid yourself of items that do not spark joy.  When I explained this to Pig-Farmer, I made sure to give him the stink-eye, with raised eyebrow and wicked grin.  I often crack myself up much more than I crack him up.  If you want to learn more, follow this link:

(I am an starving, unpaid blogger – no $ for endorsements.  Just sharing my adventures with ya.)

I have an unusual, free Saturday today.  The weather cooperated, i.e. it is cold and windy, so I decided to bite the bullet and tackle my closet.  I knew it was going to be deep in there and call for lots of coffee.Farmgirlcoffeeandboots

Clothing is often a good place to start; so I am going to share with you a never-seen-before rare image of my closet.  Shhh, we must approach quietly lest we awaken the wild, untamed beast.  Marie_Kondo

Yes, I am a having a very different Saturday ….  but Kondo’s book,  Spark Joy, assures me I’ll be much more joyful after I accomplish this Herculean feat.  Pile the clothes up and sort by:  Does it spark joy? Do I wear it? Does it fit? Is it in good condition?  Then, KEEP, PITCH or DONATE.  Bubbles better not get in the wrong pile!Marie_Kondo_Bubbles

I gave a little jump when I removed the last items from my side of the closet and got to Pig-Farmer’s side… Throw back to an 80’s party!

Marie_Kondo_Ozzy Oh, in full-disclosure, I am allowing myself a “grace” pile, as well.  I like that term better than what I initially called it:  The 10-lb Club.  If When I lose 10-lbs, these clothes will spark some joy again…. They will receive a special spot, where I see them, to provide motivation and encouragement along the way.  They will also receive a date to try on again and cross my fingers, zip my mouth, work-out faithfully: they will re-enter my wardrobe!  Hey, a girl has gotta have hopes and dreams.

Lunch is over (butternut squash) and now, I’m going back to the dungeon joy-searching.

Stay tuned!

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Sunday smiles

I was short on pictures this week – but Happy, the donkey, was a willing subject yesterday.


Do you notice the beautiful green?  Unusual for central Illinois in early-March.

For this week, my friends, I hope you savor a treat!

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