Quick pics and post

Started bright and early with my CEO class, using a room at Lake Shelbyville’s Visitor Center. Not a bad office view.

Loved seeing the harvest moon as I shuttled between fields.

Supper sandwiches were grilled apple bratwursts and hot dogs. I hope you get to see the full moon!

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Cloudy Tuesday

Tonight’s sandwiches were DQ tenderloins. 🤷‍♀️ I had a retirement dinner after work and went with easy.

Washing the dusty windows.

The clouds blocked the view of the moonrise. 😡

However, the west sky had fleeting vivid colors.

No filters needed to enhance the fabulous scenery. Enjoy the beauty outside, friends!

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Not Bad for Monday

Beautiful sights today! Had a little rain during the night. Just a dust settling rain.

The sky was full of colors this evening. Love fall in the country!

Field meals were hot ham and cheese sandwiches with brownies.

The Harvest Moon is on the horizon this week. Tonight it was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds.

Soak up some fall and watch for the moon this week, my friends!

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Saturday, September 26

It was a wonderfully busy day, that started out gray, but quickly improved to autumn gorgeousness.

Clint worked near the house, which was so nice! I could walk out to the field to ride along and see the house from his view.

My neighbor shared their fun pumpkins and apple cider slushie and I shared Monster cookies.

Supper was a new recipe – Hawaiian beef sliders. Easy to wrap and take to the field.

Now, here we are and it’s Sunday morning! We are off to church. Keep the faith, my friends!


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Switching it up

Machines are ready …. but crops just aren’t totally there. Clint found some beans that were “close enough!” He also ran his phone through the combine. Combine 1 – Phone 0.

When it’s go time, it’s hard for a farmer not to go!

And so he went until they got too damp & tough.

I grilled cheeseburgers tonight. I ate the one I dropped as I removed it from the grill. 🤦‍♀️ This farmer’s wife is happy it’s Friday! I need a couple of days out of the office and to be home.

I’m wishing you a happy weekend! Until tomorrow.

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A good problem

I worked later, picked up some parts, and got home in time to help shuttle to trucks. The bin was full and nothing else ready.

The mornings have been soft with hazy fog.

Tonight, I grilled porkburgers and took in another fabulous sunset.

I was being closely watched in case I dropped one …

Work hard, eat well, my friends! Until tomorrow!

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Clint’s view from atop the bin. He sends me these while I am at work, knowing I will cringe!
Riding shotgun after work.
Fill ‘er up.
Beautiful view from the cab.
Dinner delivery & date.

This time of year, they don’t care what you bring them to eat or even if it’s very good! They are just grateful for a delivery. Tonight was Schwan’s oven-baked breaded chicken breast sandwiches and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Friends, when you have a headache after work, take two chocolate chip cookies and get out in the country!

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Don’t fear change

I get the opportunity to talk with many open-minded, innovative people. They are not afraid to look at new ideas and improve efficiency. I learn every day. I appreciate open minds.

Terraces on the big hill help prevent soil erosion.
Checking soybeans.
The big grain cart – ready and waiting.
Rest up!

Until tomorrow, friends. May the sunset bring peace.

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Red-tailed Hawk

Busy day of hard work. Worked a few hours at my job, then helped move Clint’s daughter to St Louis. Only pics are from yesterday of a hawk on sentry. They like to scout where the corn has been picked.

Sleep well, friends! I’ll be hoping my back forgives me tomorrow!

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Sunday Sunset

My neighbor captured the sun setting behind our farm. I love it!

Friends, I wish you a good night’s rest and motivation for Monday.

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