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Rough start

At the lovely time of 4:50 a.m. or so, I awoke to quiet.  Real quiet. Then noise. Then quiet. In my dreamy state, I asked pig-farmer, “What is that noise?”  He said, the power is going on and off.  And then, … Continue reading

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Sampling purgatory

I’ve never had the greatest understanding of purgatory.  Today, I had a break-through, an inkling of what it might be like.  Wal-Mart is purgatory on earth.  Let me be even more precise, Wal-Mart, on a lunch hour from work, is … Continue reading

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Hay! Well … Things to be thankful for in a drought.

I am finding myself increasingly cranky about the lack of rain and heat. Particularly the lack of rain. After all, it is the end of July … so it should be hot. But, some of this heat and humidity should work … Continue reading

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Observations of chore time

Chores, especially those involving farm animals, remind me of Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong, it will. With animal chores, even if something is “fool-proof,” it will go wrong. The more ridiculous the clothing I have on, the more … Continue reading

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