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Photo Friday ~ June 5, 2015

For today friends, don’t run with your mouff mouth full!

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I will have to write a post soon on the utterly difficult udder problems Abigail has experienced.  She has made progress, for the short-term, which is good for the bouncing baby boy shown in the following photos.  For now, we … Continue reading

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Here’s to distractions!

It’s that time of year when I can walk out the door, planning to do the chores and find myself distracted by a multitude of tasks.  Everything is turning green!  We are still so very wet.  Soppy, squishy, soaked.  We … Continue reading

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How long do chores take?

That is a common question I get asked.  My first thought is always, ‘It depends if anyone pooped in their water trough.’ I try to do extra chores on Wednesday mornings because I have a standing date on Wednesday evenings … Continue reading

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March is going out like a … kid

I can admit that I do not love every single aspect of chores. I get really tired of mud and puddles. Although I can appreciate the beauty of winter, bitter cold wind that stings and chaps, makes me long for a warm, … Continue reading

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I Shoulda’ Been a Cowboy

I’ve been humming Toby Keith’s song and thinking how right he is. Why?  Oh, I guess I think they are just too cool.  It’s perfectly fine, expected and acceptable for them to say whatever they think, whenever they think it … Continue reading

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